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Reviewers Hail Video Performance of Apple’s New iMac Pros

After neglecting the pro market in recent years, Apple is out with the first of two new machines this Thursday, the iMac Pro. (The redesigned Mac Pro is expected sometime in 2018). The ultra-high-end 18 Xeon core processor version won’t…  Read more

By Dec 12, 2017

Watch: Walter Murch Talks Music, The Conversation and “Nodal Editing”

Starting off with a discussion of classic Hollywood vs. Soviet editing styles (continuity editing vs. Soviet montage’s dialectic approach), famous editor and sound designer Walter Murch goes on to discuss a third way that he dubs “nodal editing.” Drawing examples…  Read more

By Dec 4, 2017

Color Grading Film and Digital for Wonderstruck

Colorist Joe Gawler of Harbor Pictures has worked on a number of films and television shows over the years, including A Most Violent Year, Midnight in Paris and Arrival. For Wonderstruck, Gawler had to work with multiple film stocks. The story takes place…  Read more

By Oct 26, 2017

Transforming Information into Experience: White Sun Screenwriter and Editor David Barker

White Sun

David Barker is a hard one to put a finger on. He is an American writer and editor who over the past 10 years has gained an international reputation for his analytical ability and open, unconventional approach. Recent collaborations include…  Read more

By Sep 6, 2017

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