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Full Frame Documentary Film Festival Presents “The Creative Power of BIPOC Editors”

“If I could log in right now I would,” Dawn Porter raved in one of the many enthusiastic testimonials sprinkled throughout Full Frame’s engaging “The Creative Power of BIPOC Editors,” an online launch/celebration of the BIPOC Documentary Editors Database. Expertly…  Read more

By Jul 7, 2021

“It’s Kind of Scary to Think About Letting Anyone and Everyone Into the Edit Bay”: Jethica Director Pete Ohs On Twitch Livestreaming His Edit

Drawing from the world of gaming, writer/director Pete Ohs is embarking on a post-production experiment for his pandemic-shot film, Jethica: live-streaming his edit. “I know that YouTube is overflowing with editing and software tutorials but I’ve never heard of anyone…  Read more

By Mar 11, 2021

Risk Aware Filmmaking: Devising New Documentary Security Protocols for David France’s Welcome to Chechnya

Welcome to Chechnya (courtesy of HBO)

Despite its ironically inviting title, Welcome to Chechnya, a new documentary by director David France, depicts a harrowing tale of escape. The film, which is being released by HBO on June 30, follows a group of Russian activists working to…  Read more

By Jul 7, 2020

Mica Levi Composes for the Music-less Commandos of Monos


Transcribing a verbal interview can calcify its fluidity. Congealed to text, the spontaneity of a subject’s ongoing efforts to articulate their process is reduced, encouraging readers to mistake the record as definitive. Some interviewees ponder the permanence of their words…  Read more

By Sep 13, 2019

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