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“This Was the Aesthetic I’d Been into Since I’d Started Making Films”: Cinematographer Katelin Arizmendi on Lensing Cam


Alice (Madeline Brewer), the star of Cam, sustains herself as a full-time webcam model at the top of the “FreeGirls.Live” leaderboards. She aspires to break Top 50, but to do so she’ll have to descend deeper into her on-screen persona…  Read more

By Nov 9, 2018

“Let Logic Steer the Ship”: Michael Simmonds on Shooting Halloween (2018)

Halloween (Ryan Green, Universal Pictures)

In his book Making Movies, Sidney Lumet wrote that he once asked fellow director Akira Kurosawa why he’d framed a shot in his period epic Ran in a particular way. Kurosawa replied that if he’d panned the camera an inch…  Read more

By Oct 31, 2018

The Thrill of the Chase: Cinematographer Joe Anderson on Capturing Robert Redford’s Ride into the Sunset in The Old Man & the Gun

Robert Redford in The Old Man and the Gun (Photo by Eric Zachanowich. © 2018 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation All Rights Reserved)

Robert Redford’s final day on David Lowery’s The Old Man and the Gun — perhaps his final day as an actor on any movie set — found him in Texas. Though the amiable based-in-fact caper was shot largely in Ohio…  Read more

By Oct 25, 2018

~31 Films Shot on 35mm Released in 2017

A print of The Other Side of Hope shown at the Film Society of Lincoln Center (Photo: Arin Sang-urai)

This is my fourth time rounding up the previous year’s US theatrical releases shot, either partly or in full, on 35mm, and it increasingly feels like I’m asking the wrong question. If the number of films originating on 35 has…  Read more

By Apr 5, 2018

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