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Why Didn’t Shane Carruth Change the Distribution Paradigm for this Year’s Sundance Filmmakers?

Berit Madsen's SepidehBerit Madsen's Sepideh

While many Sundance filmmakers last year this time were nervously awaiting distribution deals, one had done something completely different. Upstream Color director Shane Carruth entered the festival with a DIY distribution plan already in place. He partnered with Sundance Artists…  Read more


IFP & Vimeo Celebrate Filmmakers and Storytellers at 2014 Sundance Film Festival


On Sunday night, IFP and Vimeo held a party to celebrate the thirteen films screening at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival that had first been developed at the IFP Labs, Project Forum or other IFP programs. IFP supported films included Appropriate…  Read more


Why the Zellner Brothers’ Kumiko is The Perfect Allegory for Independent Filmmaking

Kumiko, The Treasure HunterKumiko, The Treasure Hunter

Warning! This piece contains major spoilers for David and Nathan Zellner’s wonderful new film, Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter. If you’ve yet to catch Kumiko (which premiered earlier this week at Sundance), read on at your own risk. Tuesday night at…  Read more


Interview with Laggies 1st AD Lynn Wegenka


Filmmaker: Why did you first get into being an AD?  Did you ever want to direct?  Do you now? Wegenka: I started working as an AD after college.  As a filmmaker I love production, the process of making films.  As an AD…  Read more