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In Full Frame: Director Rose Troche and Sundance Institute’s John Nein on Restoring the Lesbian Classic Go Fish

Go Fish

“It’s very much like having a kid out there in the world doing its own thing,” said writer/director Rose Troche last month as she was finishing the restoration of her debut feature Go Fish, which screened as part of Sundance’s…  Read more

By Jan 27, 2024

Kindness, the Dark Arts and Viruses at Sundance: Taylor Hess’s Producer Diary #2

As I stand up to file out of a movie, a man shouts, “Hail Satan!” and I stand up a little straighter. There are bright blue spotlights and masks of ancient Egypt adorning the walls around me. It’s late Sunday…  Read more

By Jan 25, 2024

“…The Last Summer Before You Leave Home”: Megan Park on Teenage Life, Working with Margot Robbie’s LuckyChap, and Her Sundance Dramedy, My Old Ass

My Old Ass

After her feature directorial debut The Fallout (2021), a film about a high-school shooting, Megan Park was feeling the weight of its emotional aftermath. “When you make a movie, you live in that world for years,” she tells Filmmaker at…  Read more

By Jan 23, 2024

Filming on a Tiny Remote Island and Hoping for Storms: Nora Fingscheidt on Her Saoirse Ronan-Starring Sundance Alcoholism Drama, The Outrun

A young woman played by actress Saoirse Ronan with orange hair wearing a black hoodie standing against the seaSaoirse Ronan in The Outrun

When writer-director Nora Fingscheidt first encountered Amy Liptrot’s 2016 memoir, The Outrun, and read the story of Liptrot’s journey through alcoholism and her eventual healing on a remote Scottish island, she was living in Los Angeles and feeling somewhat disoriented.…  Read more

By Jan 22, 2024

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