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Connecting your PS3 To your Mac’s Airport Network

in Filmmaking
on Jul 3, 2010

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This post is half public service for the tech-challenged (like me), and half “note to self” for the next time I change my internet connection settings. Briefly, like the many PS3 owners who have posted all over the internet looking for help, connecting a PS3 to the internet can be a challenge if you’re not quite sure what to do. I remember cursing the Gods of Sony last year when I bought a PS3. Then, through some kind folks on Twitter, I figured out how to do it and all was good. Recently, I changed my home ‘net security from WEP to WPA2. (I did this not because I was worried about being hacked but because I read somewhere that it might help a problem I was having with my iPad — hanging and stalling YouTube streaming. Short answer: didn’t improve the problem.) However, in doing so, I wound up dislodging the PS3’s internet connection, which meant that Netflix streaming, among other things, didn’t work. When I tried to set it up again, I discovered that I had forgotten the procedure I had done before. Another round of Twitter advice, and I got it working again by doing the following. Hopefully these simple steps will be helpful to whoever stumbles across this post in the future:

1. On your PS3, go to “Settings” > “Network Settings

2. Go to “Internet Connection”

3. Click “Easy” for the setting method.

4. Click “Wireless.”

5. Under “WLAN Settings” click “Scan.

6. Look for your wireless network to pop up and click it.

7. Under “SSID” the name of your network should be showing up. This is the name that shows up under your Airport icon on the top of your Mac’s screen.

8. If you have a WPA or WPA2 key, click that and go to the next screen where you will be prompted for a password.

9. This is where many people, including me, had the problem. Apparently, Apple’s old Airport Admin Utility gave you the Hex password you need to log the PS3 onto your wireless network. I don’t believe the new Airport Utility does. Instead, go to this page. Under Network SSID, type in the name of your wireless network just the way it appears on your screen. Under WPA passphrase, type in the password you have selected or Apple has given you for this network. If you don’t know what this is, go into your Keychain and look for the name of your network. If you have a separate base station password, you may have more than one of these. Click on the one that says “Airport network password” under “Kind.” The password you find here is what you enter as your WPA passphrase. Hit “Calculate” and you will be given a very long hexadecimal key. Using your PS3 controller and the weird little screen on your TV, this is what you will enter. Click your PS3’s “x” button and you should be good to go.

Apologies to everyone who either has no use for this or who was more than capable of figuring it out. I know, however, that, somewhere, someday, someone will stumble across this and be very grateful.

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