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Watch: All of David Lynch’s Bizarre and Beautiful TV Commercials

With his new Twin Peaks: The Return scrambling our minds every Sunday, we at Filmmaker are experiencing a collective case of the feels for David Lynch these days. Giving us our fix until Episode Six streams this weekend is this video of Lynch’s television commercials compiled by Jeff Keeling. As with many directors, Lynch directed many of his best short TV spots for overseas brands, so look for work here like a Twin Peaks tie-in spot for Japan’s Georgia coffee that I, at least, have never seen before.

A complete list of commercials included is below. (I venture to say that Lynch is the only director who’d be hired to direct both a New York City Department of Sanitation spot as well as an ad for high-end women’s shoe designer Christian Louboutin.)

Calvin Klein 1988
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Ernest Hemingway
DH Lawrence

Asymmetrical Productions 1991

Georgia Coffee 1991
Mystery of G
Cherry Pie
The Rescue

Michael Jackson Dangerous Short Films Intro 1991

New York Dept of Sanitation 1991
We Care About New York

Gio by Armani 1992
Who is Gio?

Opium by Yves Saint LAurent 1992

Alka Seltzer Plus 1993

Lancome Tresor 1993

Barilla Pasta 1993

Adidas the Wall 1993

Background by Jil Sander 1993
The Instinct of Life

Sun Moon Stars by Lagerfield 1994

Sci Fi Channel 1997
Aunt Droid
Nuclear Winter

Clearblue Easy 1997

Parisienne cigarettes 1998
Parisienne People

Playstation 2 2000
Welcome to the Third Place

Nissan Micra 2002
Do you speak Micra?

Gucci by Gucci 2007

Dior 2010
Lady Blue Shanghai

Louboutin Rouge 2014

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