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“I’m a Good Director’s Actor”: Clive Owen, Back To One, Episode 295

When you look at the illustrious career of Clive Owen, you see choices made based on the depth of the roles (Closer, Children of Men, Hemingway and Gellhorn, The Knick), not on trajectory or star power. His two latest projects, Monsieur Spade and A Murder At The End of The World, are quality television series where he’s able to settle in and deliver the grounded, nuanced work we’ve come to expect from him. On this episode, he explains why he needs time to prepare a role, and the “marination” process that is required. He talks about the qualities found in his favorite co-stars, the “heaven” of Soderbergh’s “concentrated” sets, how Bogart’s voice helped him play Spade, why he calls himself a “logic monster,” and much more.

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