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Vincent Gallo fans — and perfectionist filmmakers with money to spare — must check out this eBay page in which Gallo sells the camera, lights and sound package used to create The Brown Bunny. (Being a fan, I hope this doesn’t herald a retreat from filmmaking for Gallo.) The package contains two Aaton 16mm cameras, Super Baltar lenses, the last Nagra 4 STC made by the company, and an Angeniuex zoom purchased from the Kubrick estate!

Writes eBay seller nbvbn, who, by the way, has a seller rating of 76 with 100% positive results, “Vincent Gallo, the director of Buffalo 66 decided after completing Buffalo 66 that for his next film, The Brown Bunny, he would own all his equipment. He would not rent a thing. He would own everything he would need to make his next feature film. In putting this production package together, he spent a year of researching and testing equipment. Afterwards, he would spend 6 months designing the package and another 2 years purchasing, customizing, testing and tweaking the gear. The goals were as follows: to be lightweight, compact, versatile, reliable and cost effective. The package would have to include everything needed to make the film: 2 cameras, a high quality and comprehensive lens collection, mobile yet sufficient lighting, sound equipment that could integrate with the cameras so as to avoid slating, a mic assortment that would never need backup, and a ton of extras that would meet the needs of his flexible and spontaneous production style, and last but not least, an extremely secure transportation case system. 100 hours of case design alone was needed…. All in all, Gallo put more effort into this production package than the whiny Wes Anderson, the sputtering Spike Jonze, the un-darling Darren Aronofsky have put into their whole lives.”

Bidding for the camera package ended on March 8. With the current bid listed as $86,800, the reserve had not been met.

A hat tip to Movie City News for picking up on this link.

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