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on May 9, 2008

Roberto Quezada-Dardon’s article on the Red One camera is one of our most widely read articles on the website this month. If you want to read about the Red from a different angle, check out Steve Tammi’s piece, “Beta Sight: Red Digital Camera Red One,” in the current Millimeter, which is online at their Digital Content Producer site.

Here’s his lede:

I have been shooting with the Red Digital Cinema Red One Camera for almost six months now. Although I have been asked to write about my first impression of the camera, it is important to realize that shooting with the Red One camera is a continuous progression of first impressions. New camera accessories, firmware, and production software have been released on a continual basis since I’ve taken delivery of my camera. Unlike other camera companies, Red Digital Cinema plans to continually upgrade and refine the original cameras — a welcome change to the usual cycle of purchasing new cameras every few years and sending the old model to the auction block or shelf to collect dust. With that in mind, let’s talk about what the last six months of first impressions have been like.

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