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Girl Walk // All Day Director Jacob Krupnick’s Short Film Collaboration with Beastie Boy Ad-Rock

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on Nov 6, 2012

Jacob Krupnick, the director of Girl Walk // All Day — the first film to play at Brooklyn’s reRun Theatre under its new programming partnership with IFP and Filmmaker magazine — is not only wowing audiences with his infectious, joyful dance movie, but is also showing his serious side with a short film made for the New York Times, a collaboration with photographer Pieter Hugo and composer Adam Horovitz, aka The Beastie Boys’ Ad-Rock.

In an email announcing the film, Krupnick wrote:

For much of the last month, I’ve been working on a project about a sliver of the American landscape between New York City and Washington DC.

The result is a short film called Off The Rails, which has just gone up on the Times‘ site here.

A little more explanation:
I spent ten days traveling along the Northeast Corridor — the Amtrak line connecting the two cities — with the photographer Pieter Hugo. I’ve admired Pieter’s work for many years since I first saw his pictures of The Hyena Men of Nigeria (amazing, and worth checking out here) but had never met him until now. It was an honor and a privilege to spend time driving slowly, talking about America and Pieter’s home, South Africa.

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