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“I Don’t Know Where to Put the Camera”: Martin Scorsese on his Toughest Set-Up

Why is Martin Scorsese a great director? Because he’s always wondering where to put the camera. Here’s a priceless and little-viewed French television clip of Martin Scorsese traveling to the airport to present The King of Comedy in Cannes in which the director talks about his toughest set-up. Warning: it’s not from any of his films. Indeed, the clip, in addition to capturing great ’80s NYC street ambiance, is a good illustration of what makes Scorsese Scorsese. After telling the interviewer about all the decisions a director must make when it comes to framing a shot, he answers her question about his most challenging set-up with a reply that I bet is only half tongue-in-cheek.

(I can’t find a photo credit for the shot of Scorsese directing on the set of The King of Comedy, but the photo itself came from the FuckYeahDirectors Tumblr.)

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