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Watch: Lars von Trier’s First Short, an Animated Movie Made When he was 11

A hat-tip to Amber Frost at Dangerous Minds, who’s drawn attention to Lars von Trier’s first effort The Trip to Squash Land: A Super-Sausage Adventure, which appears to have been online for a few years. There seems to be no English-language information on the internet about how or why an 11-year-old von Trier made a two-minute animation centering around rabbits and some kind of sausage creature, but the effect is suitably disorienting and bracingly unenlightening. Here we have two minutes of a strummy folk song backing a stop-start story of some kind of nature utopia or other without the faintest youthful trace of any of the aesthetic experiments or mockingly didactic sadism driving much of von Trier’s work. There may be no wider gap between a filmmaker’s starting juvenilia and where they ended up.

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