What to See from the Tribeca Film Festival Online

tribeca interlude

Screenings have just kicked off in Manhattan for the Tribeca Film Festival, but as always not all the films are showing in theaters–and there’s more available online this year than ever before. Here’s a quick guide to what you can…  Read more


Tribeca: 5 Questions for Glass Chin Writer/Director Noah Buschel

Glass ChinGlass Chin

“Boxing has always drawn dumb, confused macho guys like myself,” writes filmmaker Noah Buschel. “It’s cool, it’s tough, it’s naked, it’s true…. But the thing about boxing, as Norman Mailer pointed out, is that it’s just as sensitive as it…  Read more


“Let Some Air In!”: Nathan Silver on Directing Improvisation

Soft in the HeadSoft in the Head

I asked Nathan Silver to write a guest post on directing improvisation, largely because a spur of the moment slipup — in which one of his actors mistakenly entered a scene and decided to stay put — ended up reshaping…  Read more


Spell of the Cat People

Cat PeopleCat People

I was watching TV late at night, in a motel room. Having been on the highway all day, I just wanted to get the speeding landscape out of my face and eyes. I searched through the channels for something that…  Read more