Watch: Spike Jonze’s Amazing, Four-Minute Kenzo Perfume Ad

Pringles Advert (1)

Whether the performer is Bjork or Christopher Walken or even himself, Spike Jonze has committed some amazing dance scenes to film. Add one more to his impressive choreographic filmography with this brand-new Kenzo perfume commercial. To the beat of “Mutant…  Read more

By Aug 29, 2016

Trailer Watch: Borbetomagus Documentary A Pollock of Sound

A Pollock of Sound

Well into their fourth decade, experimental music trio Borbetomagus remain for the musically adventurous an ear-blistering and essential listening experience. With saxophonists Don Dietrich and Jim Sauter in New York and guitarist Donald Miller in New Orleans, that experience is…  Read more

By Aug 28, 2016

DP Eve M. Cohen Discusses Virtual Reality and Crowdfunding


In part I of this interview, cinematographer Eve M. Cohen talked about working on the independent feature Be Somebody. In the second part of the interview, she talks about her experience with shooting for virtual reality projects, as well as…  Read more

By Aug 26, 2016

Blumhouse Picks David Lynch’s 10 Scariest Moments

Twin PeaksTwin Peaks

Uncanny, unsettling, disturbing, surreal — David Lynch’s work summons up no shortage of adjectives. But one that gets applied surprisingly rarely is scary. But precisely because of its inflection of horror with the qualities listed above, Lynch’s films can be…  Read more

By Aug 25, 2016

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