“One of the Basic Questions of Directing is When Are You with Someone and When Are You Not?”: Eskil Vogt on Blind


Blind, the feature directorial debut of Joachim Trier’s co-writer Eskil Vogt, is an aesthetically spick-and-span Nordic nightmare, a meditation on loneliness, illness and responsibility. If its effects are a bit sneakier than the wrecking ball to the chest approach of Oslo, August 31,…  Read more


6 Things To Keep In Mind When Selecting a Music Cue For Your Video (Sponsored Post)


Sponsored by Choosing the right music cues for a video project should take place earlier rather than later in your editing process. Working with temp tracks can lead you to get attached to music you can’t afford, and hiring…  Read more


“We’re Not Very Good at Sharing in This Country”: David Simon on Show Me a Hero, Public Housing Today and Moving from Journalism to Television

Show Me a HeroShow Me a Hero

David Simon (Homicide, The Wire, Treme) has a new miniseries on HBO, Show Me a Hero, and it’s about the fight for public housing and desegregation in Yonkers, N.Y. in 1987. And if you think that doesn’t sound dramatic or…  Read more


No Mimes, Please! Soderbergh Recuts Antonioni’s Blow-Up


“For legal reasons, all of the footage with the mime troupe will have to be excised,” writes MGM “executive receptionist Tureen Patarga” to one Michelangelo Antonioni about his movie, Blow-Up. “Apparently one of the striped shirts worn by a cast…  Read more