After Letting Go: How Walking Away from My First Film Led to Distribution and then Development on my Next

Edwin Li in The Purple Onion

Last November I wrote a piece for Filmmaker about walking away from my debut film. “Just Let Go Already! 12 Takeaways After Making the Microbudget Feature, The Purple Onion” chronicles the five-year process of making my first feature film and…  Read more

By May 19, 2017

Violet: How They Achieved This Stunning 4:3 Film’s Most Stunning Shots


Floating in an ocean of equals parts uncertainty and obscurity after winning the Grand Prix of the Generation 14plus International Jury in 2014, Bas Devos’s feature debut Violet didn’t reach American shores, beyond a handful of festivals, until new distributor…  Read more

By May 19, 2017

Our Man in Havana, Edge of Eternity and Streets of Fire: Jim Hemphill’s Home Video Picks

Streets of Fire

Given the (justly) hallowed place that Carol Reed’s 1949 thriller The Third Man occupies in the hearts and minds of most cineastes, I’ve always been a little mystified by the comparative obscurity of his subsequent collaboration with screenwriter Graham Greene,…  Read more

By May 17, 2017

A Message From Your Composer: Lock Your Picture, Please!

It’s a fraught moment for any director — “locking picture,” with all the finality the term signifies. But, as a panel on “Scoring for Television & Film” at the recent Independent Film Festival Boston (IFFBOSTON) revealed, for composers it’s a…  Read more

By May 10, 2017

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