2014: The Year in Movers, Shakers and Standout Scenes

Goodbye to LanguageGoodbye to Language

Last year I skirted around the issue of a Top 10 list by highlighting my 10 favorite scenes of the year, my logic hovering somewhere above “What is an effective film, if not the sum of its parts?” This year, I’m…  Read more


10 Tips and Observations on Pitching Documentaries from the IDFA Forum

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The 27th annual International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) is one of the largest and most prestigious documentary film festivals in the world. Beyond being just a festival, though, for the past 22 years IDFA has hosted a networking and…  Read more


Advice for Documentary Filmmakers from the Pitching Forum at CPH:DOX

Pitching Off Screen Off Record at CPH:FORUMPitching Off Screen Off Record at CPH:FORUM

CPH:DOX, which wrapped its 2015 edition last month, is like a strange dream. That dream where you wake up and everyone understands that artistically motivated documentaries (frankly, the weirder the better) have a place, have meaning and are celebrated. The…  Read more


Watch: Todd Haynes and Julianne Moore on Safe and Far From Heaven


Christmas cometh early now that the formerly out of print masterclass Safe is available from the Criterion Collection. To promote its release, director Todd Haynes sat down with star Julianne Moore to discuss the film’s forebears in female alienation (Red…  Read more