Trailer Watch: Joshua Oppenheimer’s The Look of Silence

The Look of SilenceThe Look of Silence

Formally exacting where The Act of Killing was dazzlingly brazen, The Look of Silence is no less staggering of a feat than its talked-about predecessor. Joshua Oppenheimer’s unflinching look at the victims behind the Indonesian genocide will not hit theaters until next…  Read more


Bond/360 Launches Cinepacks: Pay What You Wish Bundles


Scott previously wrote about and interviewed Bond/360’s CEO Marc Schiller on his decision to bundle and sell their movies via a pay-what-you-wish “Radiohead-esque” model. What began with the “Creativity Bundle,” the packaging of four titles that all dealt with making and creation, now looks to…  Read more


Bold Choices: Making the “Film-to-Table” Short Film, The Slaughter

The Slaughter

It’s March 2012. I’m standing outside a warehouse with 18 people. We’re about to watch a pig die. Three cameras are ready to roll: two for the movie and one for legal purposes. My actors have the morning off; because…  Read more


Five Questions for Humanity Creators Kerrin Sheldon and Gaston Blanchet

Humanity for iPad

“An iPad app for explorers,” the just-launched Humanity dubs itself as a “new kind of travel show that places authenticity and storytelling above all else.” Notably, Humanity avoids star ratings, food porn and shopping tips in favor of immersive looks…  Read more