Trailer Watch: Yance Ford’s Strong Island

Yance Ford, a 2011 Filmmaker 25 New Face, premiered his feature documentary debut Strong Island at Sundance this year, and the film’s new trailer has just dropped from Netflix. One of this year’s essential docs, Strong Island is a formally…  Read more

By Aug 22, 2017

Bull, Season One, Duel in the Sun and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Jim Hemphill’s Home Video Picks

Eli Wallach and Clint Eastwood in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The best new television series of the 2016-2017 season arrived on DVD last week in the form of CBS/Paramount’s Bull: Season One package. A smart, stylish and very funny drama with a killer pedigree – Donnie Brasco and Quiz Show…  Read more

By Aug 21, 2017

So You Can’t Afford a Wardrobe Designer: Costume Design for Independent Film on a $500 Budget

Katey Parker in A Feast of Man

“Microbudget filmmaking” is a bit of a misnomer considering the broad spectrum “microbudget” entails — one producer’s $5,000 line item is another’s entire operating budget. In a perfect world, we’d all have sufficient funds to hire the best and brightest among…  Read more

By Aug 21, 2017

Twin Peaks: The Return: Last Looks Before the End

Carl Struycken and Harry Goaz in Twin Peaks: The Return

I took a break from writing about Twin Peaks: The Return to let things shake down a bit, but now seems like a good time to make a few more notes before the end. The first 2.25 of 18 parts…  Read more

By Aug 21, 2017

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