On Losing Hope…

Courtney Fathom SellCourtney Fathom Sell

Preface: Tuesday, July 28th – 3:21 am Sleepless nights since going cold turkey from all substances I have been addicted to for the past ten years or more. This is day three, and the cold sweats and shakes have nearly…  Read more


R.I.P Robert Drew


A press release prepared by documentarian Robert Drew’s family announced his death today at age 90. Drew is remembered as a pioneer of cinéma vérité — now a term thrown around carelessly to denote just about any documentary assembled without…  Read more


Adam Epstein Talks Editing for SNL and “The Cutting Edge” Workshop


Adam Epstein is a freelance editor. For the last five years, he’s worked with the Saturday Night Live film unit, editing parody pieces of all kinds. He’s just begun a nationwide workshop tour with “The Cutting Edge Post-Production Tour,” a…  Read more


Abel Ferrara Talks His Venice and Toronto-Bound Pasolini

Willem Dafoe in PasoliniWillem Dafoe in Pasolini

At 1985, Evan Louison sits down in Rome with Abel Ferrara, learning more about the director’s Pasolini, starring Willem Dafoe as the murdered Italian director. Below Ferrara talks about the film’s relationship to fiction, non-fiction, imagination and the subconscious. Read…  Read more