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By Nov 30, 2015

Apparition Brew

(Photo: Noah Buschel)(Photo: Noah Buschel)

Recently I sat down with a filmmaker who had a good run in the ’70s and still has a bit of a cult following. He asked that I meet him at The Red Deer Diner, at night. The owner would…  Read more

By Nov 30, 2015

BRITDOC Launches the World’s First Documentary Cookbook on Kickstarter

Digital cookbook

With awards like the Cinema Eye Honors’ Unforgettables Award, documentary organizations are beginning to draw attention not just to the filmmakers behind documentary cameras but the subjects in front. Still, BRITDOC’s latest is utterly original: the world’s first documentary cookbook.…  Read more

By Nov 29, 2015

Remembering Setsuko Hara, 1920 – 2015

Setsuko Hara in Tokyo StorySetsuko Hara in Tokyo Story

I once lived with a woman for two years because her face and her energy reminded me of Setsuko Hara. There was the promise of beautiful dignity. The potential of sensual morality. And then of course the Setsuko illusion shattered…  Read more

By Nov 27, 2015

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