“We Couldn’t Do Our Jobs If We Weren’t Social People”: Diane Henderson on Festival Programming

Diane HendersonDiane Henderson

I’m chastising two filmmakers for walking out of Nanni Moretti’s My Mother, the closing night film at the New Horizons Film Festival in Wroclaw. I make some argument about how films, even bad ones, deserve the attention of at least…  Read more


Steering Away From “Ooga-Booga” Horror Movies: John McNaughton on The Harvest

Michael Shannon in The HarvestMichael Shannon in The Harvest

In 1985, a pair of brothers who owned a video equipment rental business in Chicago offered local filmmaker John McNaughton $100,000 in financing if he could come up with a low-budget horror movie. They probably got a little more than…  Read more


“I Was Getting Hate Mail Before I Even Started Shooting”: Keith Gordon on The Singing Detective

Robert Downey Jr. in The Singing DetectiveRobert Downey Jr. in The Singing Detective

Writer-director Keith Gordon had one of the best film schools imaginable in the late ’70s and early ’80s, when he broke into the business as an actor and appeared in several now classic movies including All That Jazz, Dressed to…  Read more


“This is Supposedly the Age for Things to Come Together More…”: Sabrina Dridje on Business and Technology

Sabrina Dridje (Photo: Kelsey Doyle)Sabrina Dridje (Photo: Kelsey Doyle)

I’ve owned seven different glasses since my first pair at eight years old. My short-sighted impairment has gotten worse over the years, but I’ve recently grown out of my astigmatism. Looking through someone else’s lenses and accurately guessing the prescription…  Read more