Puppets and Pantyhose: DP Joe Passarelli on Anomalisa


Watching Anomalisa – the painfully human stop-motion animation film from co-directors Duke Johnson and Charlie Kaufman – the same thought flitted through my head as when I viewed The Revenant: “This is incredible, but it was probably a nightmare to…  Read more

By Jan 28, 2016

Shooting a Movie in 25 Days for Blumhouse: Phil Joanou on The Veil

The VeilThe Veil

One of the best American suspense films of the last ten years sneaks onto VOD, iTunes, and Netflix streaming this week as director Phil Joanou’s The Veil arrives courtesy of Universal and Blumhouse. A movie in the subgenre that James…  Read more

By Jan 21, 2016

Prime Time: Jacob Gentry’s Synchronicity

Scott Poythress in SynchronicityScott Poythress in Synchronicity

Among Synchronicity director Jacob Gentry’s formidable gifts is a sharpened sensitivity to context, background, and setting that frees him to put in his characters’ mouths dialogue that might seem in the hands of less attuned writer/filmmakers overblown, at best chuckle-worthy…  Read more

By Jan 15, 2016

“The Grain of Super 16 Gives the Film Another Layer”: Edward Lachman on Carol

Cate Blanchett in CarolCate Blanchett in Carol

If cinematographer Edward Lachman was inclined towards chasing golden statuettes, he would shoot nothing but ’50s-era forbidden romances for Todd Haynes. Lachman’s initial film to match that descriptor – 2002’s Far from Heaven – earned his first Oscar nomination. This…  Read more

By Jan 14, 2016

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