Recommended on a Friday: Moonlight, Fire at Sea, Criterion’s Boyhood Disk, Dessert, Chris Gethard and More


Our new “Recommended on a Friday” column is meant for us here at Filmmaker to throw some attention on films we love that perhaps we haven’t covered online and in print, but this week we’re just going to start by…  Read more

By Oct 21, 2016

Independent Film is a Meaningless, Outmoded Term, and We Need to Stop Saying It

Kevin Smith's ClerksKevin Smith's Clerks

What does the term “independent film” mean to you? To me, it’s my profession. It’s the field I’ve always worked in. I try not to talk about this much but when I was young(er) I took a brief gig in…  Read more

By Oct 17, 2016

Recommended on a Friday: Little Sister, Christine, Tower, Certain Women and More

Little SisterLittle Sister

If you look at the long list of movies opening every weekend, not just in theaters but on digital platforms too, you probably feel like you can’t keep up. We feel the same way here at Filmmaker, with usually more…  Read more

By Oct 14, 2016

Notes on Vaxxed (Or, Not Lying But Being Wrong)


The thought stabbed itself into my mind, an ice-pick of fear: But what if I’m wrong? This was back in March. I had taken a short vacation from the hell of constant uncertainty in order to write an open letter…  Read more

By Oct 13, 2016

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