“Always Give Exposition While Running From a Bear”: Drew and John Erick Dowdle on No Escape

No EscapeNo Escape

For the past few years I’ve been bemoaning the decline of the mid-range genre film, the action movie or horror flick that is neither a contained micro-budget opus straining against its resources nor an oppressive studio behemoth in which all…  Read more

By Nov 24, 2015

Booted: Jonas Carpignano’s Mediterranea


A crushing scene in the intense Mediterranea, the first feature by New York City native Jonas Carpignano, exemplifies the nearly unbridgeable chasm that separates recent black African migrants from their reluctant white hosts in contemporary Italy, where the filmmaker has…  Read more

By Nov 19, 2015

“I Have Four Days to Edit My Director’s Cut”: Bethany Rooney on Directing TV

Bethany Rooney on setBethany Rooney on set

I first became aware of director Bethany Rooney’s work via her episodes of two of the most visually arresting series on network television, Arrow and The Originals. On each of these series – specifically, the “State vs Queen” episode of…  Read more

By Nov 17, 2015

“Do You Mind If I Finance the Rest of the Film?” Tom DiCillo on Living in Oblivion

Living in OblivionLiving in Oblivion

In Living in Oblivion, Tom DiCillo’s 1995 triptych of the agony and ecstasy of indie film production, Murphy’s cinematic law is in full effect. Prima donna actors. Uncooperative smoke machines. Blown lines. Soft focus. Booms in the frame. However, the…  Read more

By Nov 12, 2015

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