“Whether It Takes One Camera or 12”: TV Director Anthony Hemingway on Underground and The People v. O.J. Simpson

Alano Miller and Anthony Hemingway on the set of UndergroundAlano Miller and Anthony Hemingway on the set of Underground

Two of the best television series ever to tackle America’s endlessly complicated relationship with race premiered almost simultaneously in the first half of this year. First up was the FX series American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson, in…  Read more

By Jun 21, 2016

DP Philippe Rousselot on The Nice Guys, Learning from Néstor Almendros and Loving China Balls

The Nice GuysThe Nice Guys

Shane Black was just 24 years old when he sold the spec script that would become Lethal Weapon. Since then Black’s name in the credits – whether as writer or director – brings a certain set of expectations: tarnished, mismatched…  Read more

By Jun 15, 2016

The Wrong Box: Zach Clark’s Little Sister, MoMA’s Sally Bergerless Doc Fortnight

Addison Timlin in Little SisterAddison Timlin in Little Sister

“I needed structure!” says former goth Colleen Lunsford (Addison Timlin, star-to-be) in a revelatory moment in Little Sister, the latest feature by Brooklyn-based Zach Clark (White Reindeer, Vacation). It is one of two unaffected masterpieces (the other is Ira Sachs’s…  Read more

By Jun 14, 2016

Les Affaires: Benoît Jacquot’s Diary of a Chambermaid

Vincent Lindon, Lea Seydoux in Diary of a ChambermaidVincent Lindon, Lea Seydoux in Diary of a Chambermaid

How to adapt a French epistolary novel relayed by a luscious servant from her point of view — itself a subversive proposition when it came out in 1900 — about the relationships she develops in assorted stately homes with both…  Read more

By Jun 9, 2016

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