DP Erik Messerschmidt on Shooting Netflix’s Mindhunter with a Custom Red Xenomorph

Erik Messerschmidt (fourth from left in striped blue shirt) on the set of Mindhunter (Photo by Merrick Morton)

When mere mortals gear up for a job, they are restricted to selecting cameras currently in existence. Not David Fincher. Fincher has long hated all the gak required to make a digital cinema camera functional: a wireless transmitter to get…  Read more

By Oct 26, 2017

Poisonous Seaweed, Meddling Weinsteins and the Stench of Broccoli: Johannes Roberts on 47 Meters Down

47 Meters Down

If you happened to find yourself browsing through Walmart’s aisles in August of 2016, you may have come across a DVD titled In the Deep. Unless you particularly fancy Mandy Moore or Matthew Modine, there’s no reason you would’ve paid…  Read more

By Oct 23, 2017

“A Coming of Age Story–with Jump Scares”: Jason Ballantine on Editing It

Bill Skarsgård in It

In horror movies, kids are often exempt from the carnage. It’s a trope of the genre—the cute moppet that any experienced horror viewer knows is in absolutely no peril within the confines of the film. Andy Muschietti’s adaptation of It opens…  Read more

By Oct 6, 2017

“Making a Hammer Film As If It Was Directed by Scorsese”: John Landis on Innocent Blood and Operating Muppets with Tim Burton

Anne Parillaud in Innocent Blood

One of the most underrated films by one of America’s most underrated filmmakers just arrived on Blu-ray in the form of Warner Archive’s 25th-anniversary release of John Landis’ Innocent Blood. To call Landis underrated might seem perverse given that he’s…  Read more

By Oct 3, 2017

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