“I Think That Being Unapologetic Gets You Farther Sometimes”: Anna Weinstein on Comedy and Working with Talent

Anna Weinstein

I’d heard the rumors about Cannes. About the heels of shoes that are measured if they appear suspiciously low. About some authorized shoe detective (random festival volunteer) who is qualified to deem a heel unfit for a premiere and deny…  Read more


“As a Younger Person, You are Also Closer to the Social Moment”: Emily Buder on Film Criticism

Emily BuderEmily Buder

I spent months complaining about the drug dealers on my doorstep. I didn’t like dodging their transactions or how they’d hover or call after me. But when one of them offered to help adjust my bike seat, witness to my…  Read more


“A Lot of People Don’t Know the Added Value of Publicists”: Mirjam Wiekenkamp on Film Publicity

I can’t say I’ve had many positive experiences with publicists. I once met one who texted throughout our entire first meeting, another who pretended not to have a spare ticket for a screening, and another who set up an interview…  Read more


“I Strive To Be Professional with Everyone, and I Never Hold Grudges”: Corrine Aquino on Management and Production

Corrine Acquino

I remember signing with an agent. As an eleven-year-old actress, the prospect of TV and radio work was thrilling. When I didn’t book a print job, my agent blamed it on the braces. But when I landed a local Cleveland radio spot, my…  Read more