“The Bike is Going to Hit the Camera!” Chad Stahelski on John Wick: Chapter 2, Stair Falls and Other Stunts

Keanu Reeves on the set of John Wick: Chapter Two (Photo by Niko Tavernise)

“How can the same shit happen to the same guy twice?” moans John McClane in Die Hard 2. It’s the question at the heart of every high concept action movie sequel. Failing to adequately answer it is how McClane’s New…  Read more

By Feb 10, 2017

“Drops of Jupiter,” Cancer and Blockbuster Video: Chris Kelly on Other People

Jesse Plemons and Molly Shannon in Other People

In the opening shot of Other People, a family gathers around the body of its matriarch seconds after she’s passed from cancer. This moment of grief – accompanied by no score, just sobbing — is punctured when the phone rings…  Read more

By Feb 9, 2017

20 Honest Observations from the Sundance Film Festival

Whose Streets

Twenty — It’s the first Friday of the Sundance Film Festival and I’m sitting in the lobby of the Park City Marriott. I’m making small talk with some friends about the festival and the election and the films we’re excited to…  Read more

By Feb 3, 2017

“When I Shoot Film Today The Set Seems to Move Faster”: DP Nancy Schreiber on Moving from Film to Digital Throughout Her Career


When director of photography Nancy Schreiber receives the Presidents Award at the 31st annual ASC Awards this Saturday, she’ll make history as the first woman to be honored with the award. It’s an appropriate – some might say overdue – recognition…  Read more

By Jan 31, 2017

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