Introverts, James Joyce, the Islamic State, Unlikeable Characters and Stalkers: Sunday Links

VICE's "The Islamic State"VICE's "The Islamic State"

Here, for your Sunday reading pleasure, are a number of artices and videos I took note of this week. Novelist Helen DeWitt retreats to a family-owned cabin in the woods to make an important writing deadline. She winds up, as…  Read more


What’s in the Summer Issue of Filmmaker?


What’s in the summer issue of Filmmaker? Well, first of all, our 2014 25 New Faces, but you already knew that. (If you didn’t, click here and find out who they are.) But there’s a lot more to be found…  Read more


R.I.P. James Garner


Good is the man who inspires the words “persuasively ambivalent” in a New York Times obituary. Actor James Garner died last night in his California home of natural causes. Long before I’d discover as a suburban teenager Elmore Leonard or…  Read more


The Rumpus Launches Manual Typewriter iPad App, Typing Writer

Wigon (2)

I grew up on a manual typewriter, the same one my mom used to write articles for Life Magazine in the ’50s and ’60s. It was a small portable in a beat-up canvas case, and you had to hit the…  Read more