Unbuttoned: Maya Vitkova’s Viktoria


There is little navel-gazing in writer/director/co-producer Maya Vitkova’s Viktoria, in spite of the film’s specific focus and autobiographical elements. In fact, there is no navel at all on its principal protagonist, the young Viktoria (Daria Vitkova as a small child,…  Read more

By Apr 29, 2016

Is Acting Really Just Being the Drunk Uncle Who Shows Up On the Couch with the Bag of Fritos? Andrew McCarthy on Directing TV

Andrew McCarthy on The FamilyAndrew McCarthy on The Family

Two things distinguish director Andrew McCarthy’s television work: exceptionally loose, naturalistic performances, and a rigorously elegant sense of framing and blocking. An actor’s director in the best sense, in that he treats behavior as one component of a fully integrated,…  Read more

By Apr 19, 2016

Through a Glass Darkly: Men & Chicken

Mads Mikkelsen and David Dencik in Men & ChickenMads Mikkelsen and David Dencik in Men & Chicken

I really wanted to be a Jew, and then I found out that I was really a Nazi, because my family is German. And that also gave me some pleasure. So, I, what can I say? I understand Hitler….How do…  Read more

By Apr 19, 2016

“All of a Sudden I Found Myself Creating Content on YouTube”: The Making of A Trip to Unicorn Island


Filmmaker and songwriter Scott David Winn was a working DP who turned himself into a YouTube star (ScottDW) before turning himself back into a filmmaker. In this interview he talks about making the documentary feature A Trip to Unicorn Island,…  Read more

By Apr 12, 2016

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