GoPro’s Drone and New Cameras


GoPro has announced the newest versions of their action cameras; the Hero5 Black and the Hero5 Session, as well as their own drone, called Karma. Hero5 Black The new Hero5 cameras have the same basic form and shape as the previous…  Read more

By Sep 23, 2016

“You Don’t Light with Your Meter, You Light with Your Heart”: Gotham DP Crescenzo Notarile


Fitting an interview into a cinematographer’s schedule can be daunting, especially a DP working on a television show that shoots nine months out of the year. You often end up chatting after a long shoot day or during a mid-day…  Read more

By Sep 19, 2016

What Does Netflix’s Algorithm Want?

Netflix's Stranger ThingsNetflix's Stranger Things

Back in June, Netflix’s VP of Product Innovation Carlos A. Gomez-Uribe and Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt co-published a paper entitled, “The Netflix Recommender System: Algorithms, Business Value, and Innovation.” It’s a fascinating read, and if you care at all…  Read more

By Sep 12, 2016

Darker Shades of Grey: The Night Of DP Igor Martinovic

John Turturro in The Night OfJohn Turturro in The Night Of

The term “TV coverage” used to be a pejorative, a reference to the mechanical nature of the medium’s visual language. It was shorthand for artlessly cranking out master, two shot, and close-up in order to churn through the high page…  Read more

By Sep 8, 2016

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