“I Believe the Most Important Changes Will Come from Women Lifting Up Other Women”: Sarah Hack on Business and Legal Affairs

Sarah Hack photo 3

I’m with a small group of friends for our inaugural weekly movie night. Thinking that a club name will beget commitment, we arbitrarily choose “Zeitgeist.” It’s the first word we see, frozen on the makeshift projector screen. Zeitgeist Films is…  Read more


Filmmaker‘s Winter Issue Launches with Cover Story Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter

Rinko Kikuchi in Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter (Photo by Sean Porter/Courtesy of Amplify)Rinko Kikuchi in Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter (Photo by Sean Porter/Courtesy of Amplify)

Filmmaker‘s Winter issue is now arriving in mailboxes, newsstands, and is online for subscribers. I’m very happy to have as our cover story my favorite film from Sundance ’14, the Zellner Bros’ beautifully surreal fable for the internet age, Kumiko,…  Read more


Hits & Misses 2014

Boyhood (Photo courtesy of IFC Films)Boyhood (Photo courtesy of IFC Films)

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“I’ve Made it a Priority to Not Be Afraid of Evolving”: Jennifer Cochis on Producing, Programming and Directing

Jennifer CochisJennifer Cochis

My German teacher in Berlin has been hacked. In class, she violates her “no speaking English” rule to explain that for nearly a year, a hacker has tracked her digital life in order to stalk her in real life. I’ve…  Read more