“… Sometimes Work Feels Like a Rugby Field”: Abby Davis on Finance and Co-Productions

Abby Davis

I am walking into a play, my most highly anticipated production of the year – Ivo Van Hove’s adaptation of Ingmar Bergman’s 1973 film Scenes from a Marriage at New York Theater Workshop in the East Village. Obviously Bergman is…  Read more


“What I Once Felt Guilty About Doing… Is Now My Job”: Amanda Trokan on Film Programming

Amanda TrokanAmanda Trokan

I’m having dinner upstate with my grandparents indulging the Labor Day weekend – food, books, sleep, repeat. Embracing their rigid routines and schedule is a fascinating escape, one that is also mildly horrifying. “Growing old is not for the faint…  Read more


Filmmaker‘s Fall Issue, with Laura Poitras Cover Shot by Jacob Appelbaum, Online Now

Bill Binney and Laura Poitras (Photo by Jacob Applebaum)Bill Binney and Laura Poitras (Photo by Jacob Applebaum)

Activist, hacker and computer security researcher Jacob Appelbaum, a subject in Laura Poitras’s riveting and important CITIZENFOUR, shot Filmmaker‘s Fall issue cover — an eerie portrait of Poitras at home in Berlin, filmed on discontinued Kodak Color Infrared (EIR) film.…  Read more


Filmmaker Announces Curated Indiegogo Partner Page

Peacock KillerPeacock Killer

With our friends at Indiegogo Filmmaker has just launched a new partner page on the crowdfunding site. Featuring our curated selection of film (and possibly other) projects you should be taking a look at, the page will be updated frequently…  Read more