Behind The Graduate‘s “Leg Shot”: Daniel Raim on Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story

Two unsung heroes of the American film industry get their due in Daniel Raim’s extraordinary documentary Harold and Lillian: A Hollywood Love Story. Most filmgoers – even the most informed ones – have probably never heard of Harold and Lillian…  Read more

By Apr 28, 2017

“Can You Make All Your Money Back Just Showing on TV Every Mother’s Day?”: John Waters on Serial Mom

Kathleen Turner in Serial Mom

The last couple of months have been good ones for John Waters fans. Last month Criterion put out a gorgeous restoration of the director’s first truly great film, Multiple Maniacs, and on May 9 Shout Factory is set to release…  Read more

By Apr 25, 2017

DP Toby Oliver on Get Out, Cheating the Sunken Place and Color Grading Trailers

Get Out

Sometimes you have to go where the market pushes you. And after nearly twenty years behind the camera, the market suddenly wants Toby Oliver to shoot horror films. The Australian cinematographer lensed three fright flicks last year alone, all for the…  Read more

By Apr 7, 2017

Art and Commerce Are Stuck in An Abusive Relationship

Get Out

Is there such a thing as a moral or “best” way to finance a movie in this country? Should filmmakers and artists be allowed to earn a living without having to worry about making their work commercial? What and where is…  Read more

By Mar 21, 2017

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