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Short Film Premiere: Iva Gocheva’s Sunday

Receiving its online premiere today here at Filmmaker is Iva Gocheva‘s haunting short film, Sunday, an impressionistic portrait of a young Bulgarian woman living in New York who is grappling with all the various impacts — emotional and existential — of her expired visa. It’s the second short from Gocheva, who has been seen most recently on screen, as a lead, in Claire Carre’s sleeper hit, Embers.

Here, the Bulgaria-born, New York-based Gocheva writes about her impetus to make the film:

I feel this story started from the idea of home and what it means or feels to each of us individually and together. What is home? Is it a person? Is it a house, place or even a country?

I know people move for many different reasons, personal, political, economic etc. Some are driven by positive circumstances and some by negative ones. I was not that interested in the reason rather than the feeling or the cascade of personal changes you go through when you move from what you know to be your home.

I think of the feeling of unconditional love and that to me is where I felt I was home. I know now that this was largely at the home of my mother for so many years and I feel very grateful to have had that and know how that feels.

Sunday‘s credits are below:

Directed by Iva Gocheva
With Eleonora Ivanova
Written by Mariquita “Micki” Davis and Iva Gocheva
Produced by Brian Devine
Based on Interviews with Eleonora Ivanova
Cinematography by Trevor Tweeten
Composer Tom Paul
Song “Salt Bath” by Maya Solovey
Produced with Gigantic Pictures

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