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Watch: Christopher Arcella’s Bitcoin-Inspired Short, The Satoshi Sculpture Garden

With bitcoin values soaring and “blockchain” the soon-to-be-new film industry buzzword, Christopher Arcella is out with a well-timed short, The Satoshi Sculpture Garden. With a cool, meditative calm, he follows a young woman as she surveys an outdoor sculpture garden consisting of pieces that play upon ideas tied to the cryptocurrency. Data visualization indeed!

From Arcella’s director’s statement:

In order to fully appreciate Bitcoin one needs to have a basic understanding of Bitcoin’s technology and the systems that the technology is disrupting. Otherwise, trying to understand Bitcoin is a bit like trying to derive meaning from abstract sculpture. The Satoshi Sculpture Garden is a short film that places audiences into such a situation. Each sculpture in the film represents a concept relevant to Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Those who understand the technology will have a drastically different viewing experience than those who don’t. I hope this film provides all viewers with a satisfying stroll through a mysterious sculpture garden filled with clever visualizations of concepts not yet known to the masses. In addition I hope the film will spark the curiosity of those unfamiliar with the technology, encouraging them to learn more.

Most cleverly, an artist support mechanism is built into the video itself: the first sculpture, which appears a the 0:25 mark, is a QR code containing Arcella’s Bitcoin address (15q7ARH2hWw5Pvg2RU479UQaq3nmjwt6BY).

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