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Essie Davis on When She Stopped “Trying” and Started “Being”: Back To One Episode 220

Australian actor Essie Davis is best known for The Babadook, Game of Thrones, and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. This year, she stunned me with two incredible performances in two powerful films. In Nitram, directed by her husband Justin Kurzel, she plays the important and heartbreaking supporting role of Helen, opposite Caleb Landry Jones. In The Justice of Bunny King she broke my heart again, this time playing the house-less titular character who is desperately trying to get her kids out of foster care. It was made pre-pandemic and had a staggered release last year overseas. Look for it in select US cities and on VOD in late September. On this episode, she gives us a glimpse of what’s at the core of her process. She talks about why it takes her an abnormally long time to read a script, the helpful ways Kurzel assists actors in prep, the change that occurred when she stopped “trying” and started “being,” plus much more.

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