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Trailer Watch: Alex Harvey’s Space//Space

A hybrid collaboration between writer/director Alex Harvey (Walden Life in the Woods, The Last Ecstatic Days, I Am A Seagull) and the theater collective, Banana Bag & Bodice (aka Jason Craig and Jessica Jelliffe), Space//Space screens this weekend in New York City at Anthology Film Archives. Harvey has sent the teaser trailer, posted above, as well as the following notes about the film.

It’s been ten years since Banana Bag & Bodice’s beloved experimental production, Space//Space made waves in the New York theater scene (“Waiting for Godot in space” raved the New York Times). Now the married performance artist duo who created that infamous work are squeezed into the first wave of pandemic lockdown: alone in their attic, they rehash their claustrophobic container tale of two brothers stuck in a space capsule – but this time performing for a bank of empty seats. Doubling down on containment and existential dread, the couple’s playacting unleashes a Sci-fi nesting doll of narratives. A video-document within a play, within daily life, within a film, within a pandemic, Space//Space is an outlandish and poignant look at the function of performance (both intended and unintended), spectatorship (again, both intended and unintended), and artistic legacy. Wrapped in layers of isolation, relationships both real and fictional are pressed and amplified. As the play-conceit begins to degrade, Space//Space reveals a married couple attempting to co-exist as parents and as artists grappling over the purpose and preservation of their labor.

Space//Space screens at Anthology Film Archives on January 14 at 7pm and January 15 at 1:30pm.


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