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“This World That Molly and the Team Created For Us, is the Dream as an Actor”: How To Have Sex Star Mia McKenna-Bruce, Back To One, Episode 277


Mia McKenna-Bruce is an English actress. Her performance in the film How To Have Sex is, rightfully, being spoken about with many superlatives. Subtle, controlled, thoroughly alive, deeply impacting, it is a star-making turn. There’s a scene where her character, Tara, is simply walking down the street, and it’s something of a revelation. It won her the BIFA for Best Lead Performance. On this episode, she breaks down the ingredients that helped her deliver this work—an extensive audition process to find her co-stars that allowed her time to play; complete trust in the director, Molly Manning Walker, and everyone on the crew; a feeling of total ownership of the character; a “360 set” that allowed for full emersion into Tara’s world, a sense of obligation to “get this right” for everyone it will impact, and much more. How To Have Sex is out in limited release.

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