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“When Acting Really Became Fun for Me Was When I Stopped Worrying So Much About the Audience”: Mia Vallet, Back To One, Episode 290

Over the past year and a half, no actor in any medium has given me more inspiration through their work than Mia Vallet. As a company member and frequent performer at the exciting NYC “loft theaters” Adult Film and The Brooklyn Center for Theatre Research, she continues to show the thrilling possibilities for this craft of acting, culminating in her performance as Nina in Sea Gull, Adult Film’s new version of Chekov’s masterpiece, opening on Friday May 10th in Manhattan. On this episode, she talks about her training at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts and early success in the business, the setback in her personal life that threw her off course but set the stage for true fulfillment in the work, why daring actors inspire her, the importance of trusting a director, why she loves rehearsal, loves Chekhov, doesn’t shy away from the highly emotional material, is inspired by the remarkable resilience of actors, and much much more.

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