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“Because I HAVE TO Do It, I Do”: Nell Tiger Free, Back To One, Episode 292

She was on Game of Thrones when she was a child, but Nell Tiger Free hit her stride in the M. Night Shyamalan series Servant, and now her absolutely incredible performance in the hit horror film The First Omen has solidified her as one of the great young actors working today. On this episode, she discusses her “total non-process” process, which means every aspect of her work takes place between “action” and “cut” and literally nowhere else. She talks about why she only reads the script once, finds all backstory that isn’t on the page “cringe,” doesn’t like to rehearse at all, is at the complete service of the director, and strives for total immersion in the moment. It’s a fascinating and inspiring approach that could easily be misconstrued as carless if it didn’t yield indisputably astonishing results. The First Omen begins streaming on Hulu May 30th.

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