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Producer Ted Hope, who travels to Sundance this week with two films — Friends with Money and The Hawk is Dying — emailed to say that he’s been reading this blog and noticing certain subcurrents linking the various posts, observing that people, things and ideas are shape-shifting between fiction and fact within our cultural landscape. He’s come up with a fictional movie pitch encapsulating his thoughts which he forwarded to me, and I’m reprinting it below:

“Okay it goes like this: A screenwriter who alleges to be Eric Red’s unevil twin is hired to adapt a story of a drunk in rehab written by a former yard lizard child prostitute imposter who may not exist.

Chain of Title:

Charlie Kaufman’s brother writes it based on an outline of unprinted L.A. Weekly article that Paul Cullum read on a blog and wrote on a napkin to Jeffrey Hatcher about Oprah Winfrey endorsing Jeff Levy-Hinte optioning a former movie idea by Gus Van Sant about Kurt Cobain’s body hair that was initially optioned by Ed Pressman for Steve Shainberg without having any of the rights to Mark Romanek’s photographs of Tamara Jenkins. I think there were also notes of it in Steve McQueen’s trunk, but they were burned by Johnny Depp at Hunter’s funeral.

You can print it, but you’d have to produce it with me, Christine, and Caroline Baron at Artisan. Phil S Hoffman will play Toby Jones portraying George Elliot. Music by New Order in the trailer we did for Sofia’s new Marc Jacob’s scent.

Starbucks will sponsor a reading at the Seattle party for GenArt at Slamdance (the owners of the indie’s indie indie brand) and Nathaniel Hornblower will give all audience members cameras to film it as a Spike Jonze anti-globilization ad for the new MoveOn.org remix collectible sneaker downloadable user sponsor non-competitive contest now on the iTunes site. But I am waiting for the vinyl release signed and numbered by the person who bought the last Lego brick pixel on that website auctioned off on Ebay that Boing Boing linked me to…”

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