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After I posted Ted Hope’s movie pitch, 1000 Red Pieces of Sarah, below, Hope received this email alerting him to a fictional competing project from someone who prefers to be referred to as “an anonymous source”:

“Hate to blow your bubble, but (off the record) Michel Gondry is directing the almost exact same movie as a co-production between Palm, Res Magazine, and Tokion Magazine, who has a first look deal with Nathan Hornblower, who controls the underlying rights to the autopsy reports of Eric Red’s victims.

Additionally, Governor Schwarzenegger and Ed Pressman are still squabbling over Conan royalties, and the Governator has vowed to give Eric Red the death penalty. Ethan Hawke just wrote a very moving poem about Red’s plight, which will be read at Housing Works during their annual ‘Screenwriters With Scurvy’ post-Sundance benefit.”

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