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Clothes Tell the Story: Costume Designer Stacey Battat on Priscilla

A woman in a bridal dress and a man in a tuxedo stand behind a wedding cake.Cailee Spaeny and Jacob Elordi in Priscilla (courtesy of A24)

From the wan pastel prairie dresses of The Virgin Suicides to the candy-colored 18th century finery of Marie Antoinette to the aughts logomania of The Bling Ring, the style in Sofia Coppola’s movies is always brilliantly cohesive, capturing a distinct,…  Read more

By Dec 15, 2023

“A Solutions-Based Intervention”: Facet Founder Maida Lynn On Her New Program Supporting Doc Producers

Maida Lynn (Photo: Michelle Pattee)

After supporting a range of programs uplifting the independent film community, including Sundance’s Art of Nonfiction and the Dear Producer Award, philanthropist, grant maker and producer and executive producer (Pahokee, Aleph, The Tuba Thieves), Maida Lynn recently announced through her…  Read more

By Nov 11, 2023

Vu One: Vu’s New All-in-One Virtual Production Studio

Vu just announced a new product that aims to make virtual production a lot more accessible: the Vu One. It’s two parts. One part turnkey virtual production studio in a (very, very, big) box. One part Vu’s Virtual Studio, a…  Read more

By Sep 6, 2023

“If I Ever Need to Rob a Bank…”: Melissa Miller Costanzo on Directing the Romantic Comedy The List

The List

I got a call from my agents, and they told me they had a script they wanted me to read. It was called The List, a broad romantic comedy about a woman who finds out her fiancé had slept with…  Read more

By Aug 22, 2023

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