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Documentary Producers Alliance Fights “Credit Creep” with Proposed Industry Guidelines for Producer Credits

In the world of documentary film, where projects gestate and then are produced over the course of years, and with funding often raised in stages from a variety of different sources, the determination of producer credits can turn into something…  Read more

By Jan 16, 2019

SFFILM and Dolby Institute Launch A Fellowship, Which Will Go to Michael Tyburski and Ben Nabors’ Film Palimpsest

Michael Tyburski and Ben Nabors

Sound, sadly, is not an area of filmmaking most people think of first, if at all. A new program may change that. SFFILM and the Dolby Institute have teamed up to create a fellowship that will help filmmakers all the…  Read more

By Nov 9, 2018

How Halloween Production Designer Richard Wright Shot the Film’s Opening Credits with a Few Hundred Dollars, an Old Bolex and a Fridge Full of Rotting Pumpkins

Halloween title shoot setup

While the new Halloween ignores the plots of the many sequels that followed John Carpenter’s 1978 original, it doesn’t spurn the movies themselves. The film is crammed with loving homages to the franchise — even the Michael Myers-less Halloween III:…  Read more

By Nov 2, 2018

I Just Finished Directing My First Feature Film, Why Do I Feel Like I Have Post-Partum Depression?

Lynn Chen on set (photo: Eric Yang)

Actress, activist and blogger Lynn Chen has just wrapped production on her directorial debut, I Will Make You Mine. Below, she contributes this guest essay on the common but rarely discussed post-partum blues that directors can feel after wrapping any…  Read more

By Sep 18, 2018

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