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Should We Be Filming At All? Doc Society, Field of Vision and Sundance Institute Partner on Doc Filmmaking Risk-Assessment Guide

Doc Society, Field of Vision and Sundance Institute have collaborated on a risk-assessment guide for non-fiction filmmakers considering shooting during the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic. The document, “Independent Filmmaking in the Time of Coronavirus,” co-signed by a number…  Read more

By May 11, 2020

Air Rights: Shooting with Drones, the Fine Print

An aerial view of the Chattooga River in North Carolina. Photo courtesy of John Latenser.

In 2010, Eric Austin made a bold choice. The Texas-based father of three quit his day job as a sales rep to focus solely on his side hustle, flying unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)—commonly known as drones. He had a three-month…  Read more

By Mar 17, 2020

The Low Down: Is Microbudget Production the Response to the Industry’s Devaluation of the Dramatic Feature Film?

Mary Twala Mhlongo in This Is Not A Burial, It’s A Resurrection (Photo by Pierrede Villiers)

There are conflicting opinions regarding the budget cutoff for the category commonly referred to as “microbudget filmmaking.” Sometimes referred to as “no-budget,” “ultra-low-budget” or “nano-budget,” the term refers to an increasingly popular level of filmmaking below “low-budget” that emerging filmmakers…  Read more

By Mar 17, 2020

“A Cow At 8:00 AM is Different Than A Cow At 2:00 AM”: Animal Trainer Lauren Henry on First Cow

Lauren Henry and Eve on the set of First Cow

Kelly Reichardt peppers her 19th Century Oregon Territory with warm cakes and endearing fauna. Eve, the “first cow” in the territory, is a symbol of opportunity to everyone but its natives, the hinge of the film’s plot, a romantic proxy…  Read more

By Mar 15, 2020

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