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Breaking Bad Habits, Making Better Calls: Director Ronni Thomas on the Pandemic Final Production of AMC’s The Broken and the Bad

The Broken and the Bad

What do you do when you’re a week away from finishing a documentary project about the world’s biggest and most renowned TV series and the world decides to end?  It all began very normally about a year ago. AMC approached…  Read more

By Nov 11, 2020

“You’re a Storyteller”: Ted Hope on Being a “Holistic Film Producer” in an Ever-Changing Industry at IFP Week 2020

Ted Hope (Photo by Matt Sundin, 2017)

Ted Hope describes himself as a “holistic film producer.” What he means is this: When he signs up for a project, he’s there from the very beginning. And he’s there throughout it all, every step, even well into its streaming…  Read more

By Sep 24, 2020

Ventilation, the 10-Hour Day, and No Day Players: 14 Takeaways from the PGA’s New COVID Safety Protocols

The Producers Guild of America (PGA) issued this week “COVID Safety Protocols for Producing Independent Productions,” a 57-page set of mandates, recommendations and guidelines for shooting during the coronavirus pandemic. Following similar documents — like the more studio-oriented “Safe Way…  Read more

By Sep 3, 2020

Evolving with Movements: Action Director Lawrence Ribeiro on the Subtleties of On-Screen Action

In 2011, I was trying to evolve. To be something no one else was. Define myself, so to speak.  First, I trained for something that wasn’t really needed. Something where I would go into conflict zones or hard to reach areas…  Read more

By Aug 18, 2020

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