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How to Rethink the Budget Needs and Hierarchies of Traditional Film Production to Enable Creative Freedom: On the Making of This Is Not a War Story

This Is Not a War Story

I just completed my second feature film, This Is Not a War Story. It’s a narrative hybrid film, complete with combat veterans denouncing war and Tom Waits wailing on the end credits. The film went from a microbudget experiment in…  Read more

By Nov 3, 2021

“Backwards Continuity is Not a Category, Is It?”: Script Supervisor Steve Gehrke on Tenet


In the world of Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, people from the future have figured out how to reverse the entropy of people and objects, making them “time inverted.” Effect precedes cause for inverted objects and people. Inverted bullets return from bullet…  Read more

By Jan 5, 2021

Breaking Bad Habits, Making Better Calls: Director Ronni Thomas on the Pandemic Final Production of AMC’s The Broken and the Bad

The Broken and the Bad

What do you do when you’re a week away from finishing a documentary project about the world’s biggest and most renowned TV series and the world decides to end?  It all began very normally about a year ago. AMC approached…  Read more

By Nov 11, 2020

“You’re a Storyteller”: Ted Hope on Being a “Holistic Film Producer” in an Ever-Changing Industry at IFP Week 2020

Ted Hope (Photo by Matt Sundin, 2017)

Ted Hope describes himself as a “holistic film producer.” What he means is this: When he signs up for a project, he’s there from the very beginning. And he’s there throughout it all, every step, even well into its streaming…  Read more

By Sep 24, 2020

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