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in Filmmaking
on Apr 20, 2006


Nick Knight’s U.K. fashion and media website SHOWstudio regularly streams some of the most interesting collaborations between media artists and the fashion world. As Knight writes, ““SHOWstudio is based on the belief that showing the entire creative process — from conception to completion — is beneficial for the artist, the audience and the art itself.”

Now, SHOWstudio is broadening its community by creating interactive projects with both outside artists and viewers. From the website:

Initial investigations into live, interactive fashion—contained within a 180-strong archive of projects on the site—are now being extended into opportunities for SHOWstudio’s international viewer-base to be directly involved in shaping the new content of the site. Each project undertaken will be documented in detail, using a ‘weblog-like’ structure to provide regular textual progress updates. SHOWstudio process favourites such as live portfolio sessions, model go-sees, artists’ films, picture phone diaries and live shoots will be used to broadcast and record the projects’ creative evolution and crucially, viewers will be able to pose questions and suggestions to SHOWstudio staff and contributors at every stage via feedback boards.

It is SHOWstudio’s intention that this two-way communication of fashion process is every bit as engaging as the final result.

The site has an idiosyncratic blog and numerous artists projects posted, and one of the most interesting, Editor’s Cut, is currently in progress. For the first part of the “Editing Fashion” project, viewers have been invited to download eight hours worth of dailies shot by Knight around a John Galliano show and create a short film from them. And now, the site has taken this concept a step further:

In addition to opening the Editing Fashion project up to its viewers, SHOWstudio has also invited a selection of internationally-based, professional editors from a range of different genres and geographical territories to tackle Nick Knight’s Galliano footage and the selected soundtracks. This time working from a eight-hour package of rushes, editors from the worlds of Bollywood, feature film, independent art film, pornography, music promo among others were challenged to make a five minute cut.

The short films — all, as the text above notes, edited by different director/editors from the same Galliano show footage — are gradually being uploaded to the site. So far there are films by film director Mike Figgis, wildlife documentarian Nigel Buck, Bollywood editor Apurva Asrani (whose film is pictured at right), animator Greg Perier, and U.K. pornographer Anna Span. In the coming weeks films by the great commercials editor Sam Sneade, Wong Kar Wai editor/production designer William Chang, and the editing team that puts together the tv series Big Brother are scheduled to go up.

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