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on Apr 25, 2006

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Over at his blog,, Anthony Kaufman cuts loose on what he calls the “woefully underpublicized” Indiewire/Emerging Pictures Undiscovered Gems series, which I blogged about a few posts below. The series opens tonight with a 9:30 screening (repeated tomorrow) of Jem Cohen’s debut fiction feature, Chain.

He writes:

I wouldn’t have even known of the showing myself had I not received an email directly from the director. Emerging Pictures’ web address http://www.emergingpictures.com/undiscovered_gems.htm doesn’t even work; indieWIRE has no mention of the showing on its website, and the Sundance Channel, another sponsor, gives it no props. Maybe it’s just the crowded New York market. Maybe it’s just bad timing: how could indieWIRE’s little series go up against the press-devouring monster, Tribeca, which also opens tonight?

Perhaps in other cities these movies will get some traction where they’re more of a rarity, but from a New York stand-point, it seems like they don’t have a chance. Anyway, since no one I know has a ticket to Tribeca’s opener, check out Chain, which London’s Daily Telegraph called “vital, boundary-pushing film making… An uncategorisable hybrid of social critique, poetic essay and haunted travelogue.”

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