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in Filmmaking
on May 26, 2006

Variety reports that a new, final director’s cut of Ridley Scott’s science fiction classic Blade Runner will finally be released this fall by Warner Brothers. The release of a deluxe DVD edition to supplant the bare-bones, hastily made (or so Scott says) “director’s cut” now in the stores has been long awaited by tied up by the film’s famous rights problems; when it went over-budget, the bond company took over and made changes in the edit, including adding an infamous voiceover and happy ending, that Scott hated. He revised the film years later but claims he was rushed. The trade paper now says:

The restored “Director’s Cut” will debut on homevid in September, and remain on sale for four months only, after which time it will be placed on moratorium. Blade Runner: Final Cut will arrive in 2007 for a limited 25th anniversary theatrical run, followed by a special edition DVD with the three previous versions offered as alternate viewing: Besides the original theatrical version and director’s cut, the expanded international theatrical cut will be included. The set will also contain additional bonus materials.

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