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“OBSELIDIA” | writer-director, Diane Bell

[PREMIERE SCREENING: Friday, Jan. 22, 2:15 pm — Racquet Club, Park City]

Without a doubt the most difficult decision I made was to trust my instincts. That might seem like an easy thing to do, but given I had never made a movie before (not even a short), it was truly a daily leap of faith. Along the path I encountered many people with years of movie-making experience telling me how I should do it, and if I had listened to them, I probably still wouldn’t have made a movie! In fact, I’d still be trying to raise a larger budget and attach name actors.

Instead, I trusted my inner voice, took some crazy risks, and went with my heart at every point. The result? I had a magical and deeply fulfilling experience making a movie with a bunch of amazingly talented people that I love and we are now heading to Sundance.

Photo By: Zack Mulligan

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