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in Filmmaking
on Oct 8, 2007

Jamie Stuart attended the NYFF press conference for Redacted this morning and emailed his take on the squabble at the press conference afterwards:

In the middle of Brian De Palma’s NYFF pc for Redacted earlier today, as he began discussing the film’s use of actual war photographs and their graphic nature, Eammon Bowles from Magnolia began shouting from the rear of the Walter Reade theater to refute De Palma’s claims that Mark Cuban was trying to…well…redact them from the picture’s release. Then, just as the pc was coming to a close, producer Jason Kliot rushed the stage and grabbed moderator Jim Hoberman’s mic to offer the crowd his version of this distribution controversy. I was left wondering how spontaneous this all was or whether they knew it would be immediately blogged upon to stoke media attention.

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