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in Filmmaking
on Nov 1, 2011

This morning, Vimeo announced the launch of Vimeo Perks, a new program that offers discounts on camera and video products to their Pro and Plus subscribers.   Through partnerships with electronic manufacturers such as B&H, Kessler, and Garage Cube (a VJ software), Perks will feature dozens of curated packages, with savings ranging from five to twenty-five percent.   In some of the pricier packages, such as B&H’s DSLR kit, savings range up to $300.

Vimeo VP of Creative Development Blake Whitman spoke with Filmmaker about the process of curating the Perks packages.   “It’s not everything under the sun,” he explained.  “It’s not an Amazon experience… It’s about simplicity.  Not offering too many options; just the most appropriate.”  As such, Whitman sought partnerships based on the products that Vimeo users were most abuzz about.  “When filmmakers are looking to take that next step, get a lighting kit, focus on sound, a lot of the time they come to Vimeo.  If you look at the comment section on any Vimeo video, half the comments are ‘What lens did you use?’  What we’re sort of doing is seeing what people are saying about these products and going from there.”

While Vimeo Perks will launch with five partners, Whitman envisions that number tripling over the next few years.  Eventually, Whitman explained, he hopes that Vimeo will become a one-stop resource center for emerging filmmakers.  “Once you shoot your video and enter into the Vimeo atmosphere, you would never have to leave.  That’s our goal,” he explained.  “We want to provide the tools for filmmakers to utilize Vimeo on every level.  The idea is that we want to be the hub for filmmakers and video creators on the internet.”

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