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in Filmmaking
on Sep 23, 2008

In addition to all the press screenings and the opening night bash, one New York Film Festival-related thing we at Filmmaker look forward to each year is Jamie Stuart’s series of NYFF videos. (For a good recap of Jamie’s work, check out Karina Longworth’s piece here.) You see, even though we host and exec produce these pieces, they remain somewhat mysterious to us, arriving in the middle of the night with a handy promo image attached, and usually warping some kind of previously stated concept to a creatively unexpected degree. Without having gone in-depth about this with Stuart, it looks like the latest, NYFF46, which opens with a bona fide fight scene, may be the most narratively-oriented of all. It’s even got some kind of J.J. Abrams-ish, David Lynchian multiple reality thing going on… I think. Honestly, though, it’s really too soon to tell. Like you, hopefully, I’m anxiously waiting the next installment.

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