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in Filmmaking
on Oct 11, 2008

Filmmaker‘s own Jamie Stuart is profiled in the Washington Post in the Sunday Arts and Living section by Ann Hornaday. It’s one of her “Studio” features in which artists explain the significance of one image they’ve created. The image Jamie talks about is here, and following is Hornaday’s text:

For the past four years, Jamie Stuart has made short Web films at the New York Film Festival (as well as Sundance and Toronto). Commissioned by Filmmaker magazine, and with a love for the quirky detail, he has brought a poet’s eye to festival junkets, news conferences and sundry rituals of ballyhoo, creating off-the-cuff observational essays that vividly capture the nexus between art, absurdity and celebrity. (He once focused an entire piece on Sienna Miller’s cocktail ring; in another he gave Amy Adams the camera and had her interview him.) But now Stuart, who hopes for a feature career, is ready for his own close-up. For his coverage of this year’s New York Film Festival, which closes today, the 33-year-old director has created an ambitious fictional framing narrative, a “low-fi sci-fi” thriller in which he stars as a time-traveling mystery man.

But to read Jamie’s thoughts on the image you’ll have to click over to Ann’s piece. And to catch up with the first three episodes of this year’s series, click here. We’ll be posting the final concluding episode of Jamie Stuart’s NYFF46 this Monday morning.

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