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in Filmmaking
on Jan 29, 2009

Recently I linked to a CNET survey of mainstream video-hosting sites that critiqued these platforms according to their usability and picture quality. Now, CNET has published a “part two”:

Around this time last year we put together a comparison of various video sites to determine which ones had the best overall quality and user experience. Since then, high-definition-capable digital cameras and camcorders have taken off, and several major video hosts have rolled out official support for wide-screen, super high-quality Flash video in response. So we think the time has come to take another look at what these sites are offering now and crown a new leader in the realm of HD video.

The six sites we’re putting head to head are: YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, DailyMotion, SmugMug and Blip.tv.

Check it out — I was surprised by the winner.

Speaking of internet video, Mark Cuban has posted a provocative blog post about why it is not the be-all for content creators. His lede:

Internet Video. Its the salvation for content creators everywhere. Its the end to dependence on the big bad meanies, the cable and satellite companies. Right ? Hell no. The concept that “over the top” video creates a valid business alternative for content creators is as misguided an internet business myth as there is.

Of course, Cuban owns HDNet, so you can see why he might be more natually inclined towards arguing the long-term viability of cable, but his is still an interesting argument. So far it’s prompted almost 100 replies and, as always, the back-and-forth on the comments thread is as interesting as the blog post itself.

Thanks to producer Noah Harlan for tipping me to both of these.

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