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in Filmmaking
on Oct 16, 2009

“Cinema is a driving force in my life. I don’t want it to leave us, nor do I want to have to leave it behind; it’s provided me with hope and inspiration, and an incredibly fulfilling livelihood. It is also a one hundred year old industry, and, in my opinion, damn close to both a perfect art form and a perfect entertainment, but is also one whose applicability to our lives and livelihoods must now be completely reevaluated.”

That’s Ted Hope delivering his keynote address at Power to the Pixel. Yesterday in my Filmmaker weekly newsletter I suggested that rather than be overwhelmed by all the new possibilities open to them that filmmakers simply pick one thing to do differently on their next project. In Ted’s speech, which can be read in full at his Truly Free Film blog, he offers quite a few to choose from. Here’s his section on Promotion, which is one of six.

• Offer different points of access for audience participation on a fan/appreciation level.
o Let them in on the details of how and why. Where and when and on what was it shot? The details should be built into all data you deliver.
o What themes within the narrative allow for aggregation on single subject websites?
ß I.e. “If only there was a man who could…”,
ß “The worst day at the worst job is when…”
• Provide insight into the process. Allow audiences to get to know the creators. Build a friends & family fan-base.
• Offer (and reward) fans opportunities to create and thus aggregate different promotional tools
o Posters & trailers
o Fan fiction
• Build referral activities into the narrative and engagement processes.
• Provide individual curators with unique opportunities throughout the process.

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