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Vimeo Scopes out the Gear at NAB

in Filmmaker Videos
on Apr 12, 2013

Our friends at Vimeo passed on this short piece by Olivia Speranza shot at NAB. In just three-and-a-half minutes, she scopes out several interesting pieces of gear:

The first big takeaway from this year was 4K’s continuing spread into cameras and display devices. If you haven’t heard yet, 4K is the next level in image resolution. As our hunger for pixels knows no limits, we’re seeing more cameras that can shoot at this higher image size that boasts four times the pixels of the 1080HD format. As you can imagine, 4K televisions are now being manufactured, but they remain both expensive and lacking in sufficient 4K content to display.

The other trend this year was the prevalence of accessories to aid with camera movement. This included movement stabilizers and jibs, along with a few other notable items.

Of course, the big news at NAB was the launch of two new Blackmagic cameras, and she visits the Blackmagic booth to check them out as well. Watch above.

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