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Trailer Watch: The Frankensteined Remains of David O. Russell’s Nailed

You may remember this one: six years ago, Nailed, David O. Russell’s proposed follow-up to I Heart Huckabees, had massive financing problems. The would-be political satire about a waitress (Jessica Biel) who gets a nail to the head was ultimately scrapped and lain aside. In the meantime, the once-galvanizing director embarked on his Huckabees‘ apology tour, going from the not-bad The Fighter to the increasingly dispiriting (but renumerative) The Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle. Now whatever footage was shot (it’s unclear, though the Internet says crucial plot parts were never filmed) has been cobbled into some kind of grotesque thing that walks the earth, with directorial credit assigned to one Stephen Greene and a decidedly non-Russell-esque PG-13 rating. In what we could call “the Margaret effect,” time’s passage allows us to see exactly how co-star Jake Gyllenhaal has aged since then. Characteristic touches? There appear to be the usual Steadicam shots and fits of out-of-nowhere rage. With the gag-inducing tagline “Sometimes you nail love…sometimes it nails you,” what’s now titled Accidental Love opens February 10.

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