New work in new media by Deniz Tortum

  • An NPC repeatedly hammers a nail in Red Dead Redemption as featured in Total Refusal's Hardly Working The Man Machine

    On a hot July afternoon, a friend sent a video, a TikTok livestream, to a group chat, followed by a question: “What is this genre called?” A young man in a Spider-Man suit and hoodie was rhythmically swaying back and forth in a parking garage as he stared into the camera. He frequently broke his silence when he received a “gift” sent by one of the stream’s 2,000 viewers. Depending on the gift type, he repeated one of a few phrases, each with the same delivery: “Hey, thanks for the rose”; “Too much ice cream makes me cold”; “Nothing like…  Read more

    On Sep 20, 2023
    By on Sep 20, 2023 Columns
  • A small boy in a bathtub along with several small dogs, some with glowing red faces. A New Kind of Cinematograph: New Filmmakers at the AI Film Festival

    We see a childhood photograph nearly centered in the frame on a black backdrop. In the photograph, a boy of three or four years of age smiles inside the bathtub with his two dogs. A few seconds later, the black screen around the photograph becomes part of the photograph; the image expands and the rest of the room is revealed. Everything looks familiar and slightly off at the same time. The tiles are slightly skewed, as if the wall has melted. The shape of the bathtub looks normal but perhaps larger than usual. There are suddenly three more dogs in…  Read more

    On Jun 27, 2023
    By on Jun 27, 2023 Columns
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