The Microbudget Conversation

We're Only Talking a Few Thousand Dollars by John Yost

  • The Micro-Budget Conversation : What is Micro ?

    Here is the introduction to a series of posts from filmmaker John Yost on today’s micro-budget filmmaking scene. Check back each week for John’s conversations with various filmmakers debating issues related to the making and distribution of ultra-low-budget movies. — S.M. What is micro-budget filmmaking? What makes a film micro-budget? Is it simply the amount of money spent? Is it the quality of the story, image, and sound? Is it a cliché at this point? Where did it come from? What about the word “indie”? Is “indie” just a buzz word now? Is the sky falling? Are we going to…  Read more

    On Jan 4, 2011
    By on Jan 4, 2011 Columns
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