“We’re A Lost Generation That’s Still Alive”: NYWIFT and IRIS Directors on The Writers Lab

Meryl Streep in SilkwoodMeryl Streep in Silkwood

Meryl Streep was making waves as usual when it was announced during the Tribeca Film Festival that she had come aboard to fund a new initiative from New York Women in Film and Television and the IRIS collective. Called The…  Read more


Save the Baby! On the Benefits of the Three-Act Screenplay Structure


Poor old three-act structure. It gets hammered away at, like an old punching bag, every time someone wants to challenge the primacy of the formulaic Hollywood screenwriting methods. “Take that! You follow-the-dots, color-within-the-lines, stodgy old armature!” Poor, poor three-act structure.…  Read more


Forever Ally: Adapting Poetry to the Screen

LGS (3)

Currently featured on Filmmaker‘s curated Kickstarter page is Forever Ally, a short film by Iyabo Boyd. In this guest post, she writes about her process adapting a work of poetry she discovered one night at a reading. Check out her…  Read more


“It’s Just a General”: How to Take a General Meeting

At some point in your career, things are going to break your way — you’ll be lucky enough to have your crowdfunded labor of love generate some heat at a big festival. Or your short film will go viral. Or…  Read more