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Toy Story and Little Miss Sunshine Screenwriter Michael Arndt on How to Craft Good Beginnings and Endings

As with life, beginnings are easy but endings are hard. At least, that’s what one might take away from the two very different running times of videos screenwriter Michael Arndt (Toy Story, Little Miss Sunshine) has posted about these crucial…  Read more

By Jul 8, 2018

The Story Women Have Been Trying to Tell for Years Now

Thelma and Louise

Recently, I had to correct a friend of mine who referred to Thelma & Louise as an independent film. “Actually,” I said, “Thelma & Louise was 100% Hollywood, incredible as that may seem today.” It is not surprising that the…  Read more

By Nov 15, 2017

Transforming Information into Experience: White Sun Screenwriter and Editor David Barker

White Sun

David Barker is a hard one to put a finger on. He is an American writer and editor who over the past 10 years has gained an international reputation for his analytical ability and open, unconventional approach. Recent collaborations include…  Read more

By Sep 6, 2017

Pilot Checkride: How To Break Into Television Writing, Part Two

Breaking Bad (Photo courtesy of Usrula Coyote/AMC)

In the summer issue of this magazine, I wrote about how television is written and some of the ways that a screenwriter might break into writing for television — starting as an assistant in the writers’ room, fellowship programs, being…  Read more

By Oct 20, 2016

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