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Six Screenwriters Selected for the 2019 Film Independent Screenwriter Lab

Photo: Lexus Gallegos. Top L-R: Haitham Dabbour, Mikki Crisostomo, Andrew Huang, Billy Luther Bottom L-R: Anya Meksin, Sontenish Myers

Film Independent announced today the six screenwriters selected for its 21st annual Screenwriting Lab. Mikki Crisostomo, Billy Luther, Haitham Dabbour, Anya Meksin, Sontenish Myers and Andrew Huang will all received story and career development from the non-profit organization’s annual program…  Read more

By May 14, 2019

Sundance Institute Announces Its 2019 Screenwriter Intensive Fellows

The Sundance Institute announced the eleven screenwriters who will take part in their seventh annual Screenwriters Intensive. Taking place in Los Angeles tomorrow and Friday, the Intensive is “a two-day workshop for writers or writer/directors from underrepresented communities developing their…  Read more

By Feb 27, 2019

Toy Story and Little Miss Sunshine Screenwriter Michael Arndt on How to Craft Good Beginnings and Endings

As with life, beginnings are easy but endings are hard. At least, that’s what one might take away from the two very different running times of videos screenwriter Michael Arndt (Toy Story, Little Miss Sunshine) has posted about these crucial…  Read more

By Jul 8, 2018

The Story Women Have Been Trying to Tell for Years Now

Thelma and Louise

Recently, I had to correct a friend of mine who referred to Thelma & Louise as an independent film. “Actually,” I said, “Thelma & Louise was 100% Hollywood, incredible as that may seem today.” It is not surprising that the…  Read more

By Nov 15, 2017

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