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“If You’re Not Loving it, Then What’s the Point?”: Director Michael Walker | Paint


As you made your film during the increasingly chaotic backdrop of the last year, how did you as a filmmaker control, ignore, give in to or, conversely, perhaps creatively exploit the wild and unpredictable? What roles did chaos and order play in your films?

Did you really get into making movies so that you could have order in your life? Making movies, at least low budget movies, is fucking crazy. It’s always wild and unpredictable. That’s the fun of it. When you do it with people you love and trust – which is nearly always – it’s the best party you ever went to, no matter how hard you’re working. It’s three in the morning and everybody is exhausted and you can’t get the blood gag to work and the fuses keep blowing and the smoke machine sets off the fire alarm and you’re laughing because if you’re not loving it, then what’s the point? In the words of the estimable AD Phil Rush, “It’s better than working at Walmart.”

[PREMIERE SCREENING: Tuesday, January 23 at 12:30pm — Ray]

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