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“Take Me Back to That Day, If You Could”: Errol Morris’s Wrenching Distracted Driving Shorts

Errol Morris brings the full force of his filmmaking to a pair of PSAs he’s made as part of AT&T’s “It Can Wait” campaign, which raises awareness about distracted driving. Those who’ve seen his recent work, especially his Netflix six-part film, Wormwood, will recognize a number of stylistic devices here, including multi-angle talking heads material, unusual photo crops, and, of course, Morris’s pertinently shouted off-screen questions. But the films, particularly the devastating “Forrest’s Story,” go further than the usual PSA, exploring, in addition to Morris’s usual epistemological inquiry, the different forms of grief and the enduring mysteries of loss. The facts of Forrest Cepeda’s death are cruel — he was killed by a swerving trailer that spun out of control after the driver, who did just 28 months in prison, texted the woman sitting next to him — and Morris’s film traces the impact of that loss on his relatives eight years forward, to the present day.

Watch the also powerful “Caleb’s Story” below.

(HT: Kotke.org.)

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