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Watch: Jamie Stuart’s Tale of Cat Love and Loss, The Love Battery

Jamie Stuart’s cat SK, who accompanied him through a chunk of adulthood spanning New York to LA, passed away recently. Stuart’s new short, The Love Battery is an account of that passing, a tribute as well as introduction to his next pet chapter.

From Stuart’s program notes:

Cats. Love and loss.

I made this as a crew of one over the past two months. Initially, I’d planned it as a tribute to my recently deceased cat SK — but then the story took a turn…

This is NOT a documentary. It is a dramatic reenactment — that includes real live footage as its creative seeds.

Special thanks to Luxe Paws. Please support: savekittensla.org

Stuart made numerous videos for Filmmaker through the aughts and early ’10s, including Tilda Swinton’s “best interview ever” and his star-packed Sundance Masterpiece. His last piece for Filmmaker was in 2018, when he wrote about his move to L.A. to the apartment where The Lover Battery opens.

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