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Trailer Watch: Gaspar Noe’s Vortex

As I’m editing my print-edition interview with Gaspar Noe about his new feature, Vortex (to my mind, at this moment, his best film), this new trailer from Utopia is a nice refresher. From the Francoise Hardy soundtrack to the Edgar Allen Poe-quoting tagline to the consoling gesture rendered uncanny by Noe’s split screen, this trailer captures the film’s melancholy heartbreak and unsentimental philosophy. The film is an astringent yet not uncompassionate look at the final days of two aging leftists, a married couple played by director Dario Argento (portraying a film critic, which Argento once was) and actress Francoise Lebrun (The Mother and the Whore). Noe’s films are always devastating in varying degrees, and with varying intents, and this film — with no on-screen violence or shock effects, his quote-unquote most accessible — is as powerful as any he’s made.

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