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Filmustage, the First AI-Based Automatic Script Breakdown Service, Revolutionizes VFX Industry (Sponsored Post)

in Filmmaking
on Apr 6, 2022

Filmustages automatic AI-driven web service uses neural networks to speed up script breakdown routine from weeks to minutes. What comes next? 

Every film project starts with a piece of paper and a script breakdown. Professionals still have to manually go word by word, scene by scene, to break down all the necessary elements for shooting: props, costumes, talents, locations, sound, visual effects. That’s exactly where Filmustage comes into play, with a revolutionary, AI-powered solution that helps filmmakers reduce manual work through the power of modern text processing technology. 

Filmustage’s neural networks were trained on hundreds of existing, well-formatted scripts to successfully extract all the important information. So, to be sure: it is Skynet-like efficient but will not exterminate humanity. By uploading .fdx or PDF files, you can get a beautifully formatted and broken down script in just a matter of minutes. Then, either continue with Filmustage and use its super fast Scheduling feature, or instantly export the result into spreadsheets and PDF documents—even industry standard software like Movie Magic Scheduling. 

For readers of Filmmaker, there’s a 40% discount for your first subscription. Use the code Filmmaker40 at checkout. 

Introduced last year, the software is already being used by a wide variety of specialists and studios: line producers, 1st ADs, screenwriters, props, cast and location managers, VFX and animation studios, payroll, and budgeting services. 

What clients value most about Filmustage: 

  • half-automatic scheduling feature 
  • an automatic script breakdown that manages the script in minutes 
  • modern solution for resources and script estimation and process planning 
  • speedy script breakdown simplifying budget calculations

Filmustage is working closely with Crafty Apes—a full-service visual effects company and one of the biggest VFX players on the USA market—to revolutionize the industry and reach new heights. Soon, customers will be able to get access to such functions as visual references, integration with 2D images, 3d assets, sounds, props and location marketplaces. 

Check them out and use code Filmmaker40 to get 40% off your first subscription.

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