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Trailer Watch: Tzvi Friedman’s Man

In my print issue article (now online) on two ultra-low-budget filmmakers, I described Tzvi Friedman’s Man as an “an eerily austere New York-set serial killer drama with a (possible) science-fiction twist and impressive formal control.” As the film finishes post-production and begins submitting to festivals, Friedman, who is making his feature debut with Man, has sent Filmmaker an early teaser from the film that aptly showcases its depiction of dread-filled urban anomie and assured tone. As I write in my piece, “The film was inspired when Friedman was locked out of a Brooklyn apartment where he was sleeping and wound up wandering the streets. ‘The story unfolded as I was walking around that night,’ he says. ‘I found locations as I was walking, thinking, ‘I could have a murder happen in this long alleyway.’” Friedman shot the feature for $10,000 and finished it for $30,000 after executive producers Cary Woods (Scream, Kids) and Jonathan Gray (Charm Circle, To Dust) boarded the film. Check out the teaser trailer above.

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