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Back To One Episode 226, Special Episode: Writing As Acting (A Scriptnotes Segment)

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on Oct 25, 2022

On a special episode of Back To One, I’m sharing a segment from a recent episode of the popular screenwriting podcast Scriptnotes called “Writing As Acting.” In it, screenwriters John August and Craig Mazin “analyze what lessons writers can learn from acting techniques (such as staying present) and working with actors (like staying open).” When I first heard this segment, I desperately wanted to share it with Back To One listeners because I thought it was very enlightening, and maybe even healing, to hear creatives on the other side of the camera talk thoughtfully, and with sensitivity, about the process of the actor. Some of the points John and Craig make about the unique connection between actors and screenwriters inspire me to facilitate a larger conversation where actors can chime in about their experiences giving life to characters that screenwriters have been living with, in their own way, for years. Something to think about. But first, check out this segment from episode 568 of Scriptnotes, and, if you feel inclined, share your thoughts either on the Back To One podcast instagram page, or email BackToOnePodcast at gmail dot com. And thanks to Scriptnotes for allowing us to share this conversation!

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