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Project Forum, part of IFP‘s Independent Film Week which will take place Sept. 19-23, is the centerpiece of IFW, designed specifically as a place for industry to meet with new talent, as well as discover fresh projects from emerging and veteran filmmakers.

150 projects have been selected for this year’s Project Forum, and will be spread out over its four section — Emerging Narrative, Independent Filmmaker Labs, No Borders International Co-Production Market and Spotlight on Documentaries.

Some of the established names showing new work this year include producers like Howard Gertler & John Cameron Mitchell (Shortbus), Lynette Howell (Half Nelson), Mark Heyman (The Wrestler), Michael Roiff (Waitress), Christine Walker (Howl), Jay Van Hoy & Lars Kundsen (Old Joy) and executive producers Ross Katz (Lost in Translation); directors such as Tony Kaye (American History X), Craig Zobel (Great World of Sound), Lee Toland Krieger (The Vicious Kind) and Ry Russo Young (You Wont Miss Me); and documentary directors like Andrea Nix Fine & Sean Fine (War Dance), Paul Rachman (American Hardcore), Judith Helfand (Blue Vinyl), Robinson Devor (Zoo), Sarah & Emily Kunstler (William Kunstler: Disturbing the Universe) and veteran William Greaves (Symbiopsychotaxiplasm: Take One).

The full list of projects are below. For more information go to ifp.org.

Emerging Narrative

Feature Scripts in Development.

Cigarette Candy

Written by Lauren Wolkstein and Jeff Sousa, directed by Lauren Wolkstein, and produced by Kristen Konvitz. A newlywed Marine becomes caretaker to the Sergeant he shot in battle, but falls into an adrenaline-infused affair with the man’s rebellious teenage daughter. (Drama)

Delivery Death

Written by Chris Bower and Whitney Shroyer, and directed by Chris Bower. Pizza maker”Papa” Nizza uses his family’s supernatural cookbook to make a deal with the devil and sends a possessed delivery boy on a killing spree. (Horror)

The Deserter

Written and directed by Catherine Rehwinkel and Tristan Higgs. On the run from the SS, a young German deserter with a guilty past struggles to save the life of an orphaned French schoolgirl. (Thriller)


Written by Michael Gaylin and Michael Harris, and directed by Michael Gaylin. A small town. A horrible crime. Keeping the secret may kill him. Telling it definitely will. (Drama)

Everyone But You

Written by Jonathan Johnson and Daniel Jacobson, and directed by Jonathan Johnson. Two men are invited out west by an old friend only to find him dead and a girl who claims to know his final wishes. (Drama)

Fragments of Secret Love

Written and directed by Pablo Proenza, and produced by Laura Duque. Rodrigo, a failed composer, falls in love with Susana through her stories of past lovers, which both inspire him and drive him to obsession. (Drama)

The Garden

Written and directed by Steve Collins. A sarcastic employee in a yoga center has an epiphany and decides to take the company back to the earth. (Comedy)

Girl on Girl

Written and produced by Olga Humphrey. A group of lonely senior women are advised by their counselor to consider becoming lesbians, since there are no available men their age. (Comedy)

The Girl with the Silver Hands (working title)

Written by Cait Davis and Derek Davis, and directed by Cait Davis. A troubled young woman swears her hands betray her. As the torment becomes unbearable, she must decide to suffer the weight, or sever the connection. (Drama)

Heart of a Shepherd

Written by David Myers, and produced by Steven Tabakin and Margaret Whitton. When his dad deploys to Iraq, a 12-year-old boy works the family ranch and discovers the power and nobility of serving on the home front. (Coming of Age)

Inside the Machine

Written, directed, and produced by Marc Maurino. An undercover federal agent copes with family issues and personal responsibility while investigating a violent gang doing cartel drug robberies on the border. (Thriller)


Written by Casimir Nozkowski. High school politics are magnified exponentially as seniors, waiting to hear from colleges, blow off academics and dedicate themselves to playing a game called Killer. (Family/Teen)

Look For The Light

Written by Topaz Adizes and Tim Hetherington, directed by Topaz Adizes, and produced by Tim Hetherington and Adam Somner. A modern-day Faustian legend, “Look for the Light” is a psychological thriller about a war photographer, his spiritual degradation and his search for redemption. (Drama)


Written by Krisy Gosney, and directed by PJ Raval. An edgy San Francisco lesbian couple’s world’s turned upside-down when one of them embarks on a sex-change, and they must face becoming a straight couple. (Drama)

My Best Day

Written and directed by Erin Greenwell, and produced by Erin Harper. Karen sets out to meet her father. She stumbles upon his closeted lover, a gambling sister, a wrestling brother, jail, and her true path. (Comedy)

Personally Yours

Written by Val Sherman, and directed by Maggie Greenwald. Steven’s commitment to Bobby is threatened when Claire, his former wife of 35 years, becomes ill and Steven unexpectedly falls back in love with her. (Drama)

Pickup and Return

Written and directed by Alex R. Johnson. A comedy of compromise. The intersecting lives of Sam and Pete, both production assistants, Pete’s sister, Laura, and her husband, Ian. (Comedy)

Playing House

Written by Jenny Connell. When their parents take off, teen siblings, stuck babysitting, play house. As role-play leads to foreplay, they struggle to keep their secret in the family. (Drama)

Pretty To Think So

Written by Roja Gashtili and Julia Lerman, and produced by Roja Gashtili. Life already sucks for awkward 13-year-old Persian American Mina when, during a family crisis, she learns of her mother’s passionate, revolutionary past. (Coming of Age)

Purple 8s

Written and directed by Michelle Chai, and produced by Mynette Louie. A 42-year-old woman comes out of a divorce with all the toilet paper in the house and no skills. Flailing ensues and salsa dancing follows. (Comedy)

The Radio

Written and directed by Gary Upton Schwartz, and produced by Scott Buzz Koenig. The death of his father drives a bighearted chef on a journey to retrieve an antique radio from the stepmother who never liked him. (Comedy)

Saturday’s Child

Written and directed by Shari Carpenter. Aging blaxploitation actress has a chance to resurrect her career. Will she play it safe – reprising a role – or take a risk on a fledgling filmmaker and ultimately herself. (Drama)

Short Term 12

Written and directed by Destin Cretton, and produced by Asher Goldstein. Grace, a young supervisor at a group home, struggles to care for her teens while desperately avoiding the residue of her own dark past. (Drama)

Stealing the Strad

Written and directed by Andrea Coleman. A suicidal violinist and epicurean burglar must move in together to keep him out of jail and her out of Bellevue. (Romantic Comedy)


Written and directed by Juliette Carrillo, and produced by Annette Murphy. Two Latina teenagers, sick of the crime in their barrio, transform themselves into low-tech, homegrown superheroes, and reclaim their neighborhood, one homeboy at a time. (Family/Teen)


Feature and Documentary Projects in Post-Production by first-time directors.

Narrative Selections:

Habibi Rasak Kharban(“Darling, Something’s Wrong With Your Head”)
Written, directed, and produced by Susan Youssef. The story of forbidden love in Gaza. (Drama/Romance)

i’m not me
Written and directed by Rodrigo Lopresti and Zak Mulligan, produced by Kia Barbee, Francis Benhamou, Hans Eric Hollstein, Rodrigo Lopresti, and Zak Mulligan, and Executive Producers Deborah Kol, David McWhinnie, and Matthew Medlin. A man struggles with the death of his wife, only to realize that they may have another chance at a life together. (Thriller/ Mystery)

Written and directed by Alrick Brown, produced by Darren Dean, and Executive Producer Ishmael Ntihabose. The story of young lovers, a child, a soldier, an Imam, and a priest swept up by the chaos of the Rwandan Genocide. (Drama/Romance)

Directed and produced by Chris Ohlson, written by Gregory Collins and Chris Ohlson. Melvin” is a simmering road movie about a desperate young man beginning to unravel. (Road Movie)

Written and directed by Dee Rees, and produced by Nekisa Cooper. A Brooklyn teenager juggles conflicting identities and risks friendship, heartbreak, and family in a desperate search for sexual expression. (Coming of Age)

Restless City
Directed by Andrew Dosunmu, written by Eugene Gussenhoven, produced by Katie Mustard and Matt Parker and Executive Producer Tony Okungbowa. The story of an African immigrant surviving on the fringes of New York City, where music is his passion, life is a hustle, and falling in love is his greatest risk. (Crime Drama/Romance)

Written and directed by John Henry Summerour, produced by John Henry Summerour and Miky Wolf and Executive Producer Tara Anderson. A teenager in rural Georgia stumbles upon a gruesome discovery in the woods, and the fabric of his life begins to unravel as he suffers the secret. Inspired by true events. (Mystery)

Stuck Between Stations
Directed by Brady Kiernan, written by Nat Bennett and Sam Rosen, and produced by Todd Cobery and Spencer Kiernan, with Josh Hartnett, Michael Imperioli, Zoe Lister-Jones, and Sam Rosen attached. Home on leave, a soldier meets a grad student and they ponder shared pasts and possible futures on what might be their only night together. (Romance)

Una Noche
Written and directed by Lucy Mulloy, produced by Lucy Mulloy, Daniel Mulloy, Sandy Perez, Maite Artieda, and Yunior Santiago, and Executive Producer Mark Nichols. Havana: Accused and desperate, Raul is forced to the edge. 90 miles of treacherous ocean stand between him and his dream: Miami. (Drama/Coming-of-Age/International Focus)

Yelling To The Sky
Written and directed by Victoria Mahoney, produced by Ged Dickersin, Victoria Mahoney and Billy Mulligan, with Zoe Kravitz, Jason Clarke, Gabourey Sidibe , Shareeka Epps, Antonique Smith, and Tim Blake Nelson attached. As her family falls apart, seventeen-year-old Sweetness O’Hara is left to fend for herself in a neighborhood where her survival is uncertain. (Coming of Age)

Documentary Selections:

25 to Life
Directed by Michael L. Brown and produced by Michael L. Brown & Yvonne Shirley. This film is a startlingly fresh look at HIV and AIDS in America. It is a retrospective of a Philadelphia-born young man’s life with HIV/AIDS and documents his struggle to carve out an open, honest future.

Damelo Todo
Directed by Wu Tsang and produced by Kathy Rivkin, Ernesto Foronda & Felix Endara. A visually vibrant documentary illuminating the unique alliance born at historic Los Angeles bar Silver Platter when Latina, immigrant, transgender women meet queer, avant-garde performance artists.

Dear Mandela
Directed by Dara Kell & Christopher Nizza, and produced by Dara Kell, Tina Brown & Shivaani Selvaraj. Three young South African shack dwellers resist mass eviction from their slums while leading a new generation who follow in Mandela’s footsteps.

Fambul Tok

Directed by Sara Terry and produced by Sara Terry, Libby Hoffman & Rory Kennedy. Victims and perpetrators of Sierra Leone’s brutal civil war come face to face for the first time in tradition-based reconciliation ceremonies.

Give Up Tomorrow
Directed by Michael Collins, produced by Michael Collins & Marty Syjuco, and executive produced by Ramona Diaz. In a country plagued by endemic corruption, an international human rights campaign to save an innocent man triggers the historic abolition of the death penalty.

Our School
Directed by Mona Nicoara and Miruna Coca-Cozma, and produced by Mona Nicoara Roma (Gypsy) children struggle to break the barriers of segregation in a small Transylvanian town.

The Patron Saints
Directed and produced by Brian M. Cassidy & Melanie Shatzky. Bound by first-hand ruminations of a nursing home’s youngest resident, ‘The Patron Saints” is an intimate and disquieting portrait of assisted living.

Written and directed by David Soll and produced by David Soll & Jared Goldman. Puppets have exploded as serious American art, but how much can you really feel for a block of wood?

A Rubberband Is An Unlikely Instrument
Directed by Matt Boyd, and executive produced by Jason Ross. An eccentric musician wrestles with navigating his family and artistic path amidst the daily trials of making ends meet in a rapidly gentrifying Brooklyn enclave.

Smokin’ Fish
Directed by Luke Griswold-Tergis, written and produced by Cory Mann & Luke Griswold-Tergis, and executive produced by Jed Riffe. Estranged by the dysfunction of a disintegrating culture, a young Native American’s return to his ancestral home in remote, rural Alaska is driven by food, family, and history.

No Borders International Co-Production Market

Scripts in development (with 20% financing and established producers in place).

3rd Rail
Produced, written and to be directed by Ryan Koo and Zak Lieberman. A dozen passengers are trapped on a New York City subway — with a killer on the loose. (Thriller/Transmedia)

The Apology
Produced by Babak Shokrian, written by Babak Shokrian, David Diann and Amir Ohebsion, and to be directed by Babak Shokrian, with Shoreh Agadashloo attached. An outspoken critic of Iran’s fundamentalist regime, a legendary showman must issue a humiliating apology in exchange for permission to return home to see his dying mother. (Drama)

Beauty on the Vine
Produced by Anne Chaisson, written by Zak Berkman, to be directed by Joan Stein, with Olivia Wilde and David Straithairn attached. The murder of Lauren Chickering, a young right-wing radio star, leads her mixed-race husband to discover the disturbing world of the identity-stricken young women Lauren vowed to save. (Drama)

Produced by Kyle Martin, written and to be directed by Lance Edmands. In the frozen woods of an isolated Maine logging town, one woman’s tragic mistake shatters the balance of the community, resulting in profound and unexpected consequences. (Drama)

The Book of Negroes
Produced by Damon D’Oliveira, written by Clement Virgo and Lawrence Hill, to be directed by Clement Virgo. In 1762, Aminata Diallo survives the Middle Passage, is separated from her love and navigates through the American Revolution before returning to her native Africa. (Historical Fiction)

Brand New-U
Produced by Janine Marmot, executive produced by Keith Griffiths, written and to be directed by Simon Pummell. Desperate? Unhappy? The company Brand New-U offers a new identity, a life better than your own. The price for a new life? A single killing: because we must all kill our old selves to create ourselves anew. (Sci-Fi/Trans-media)

The Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best
Produced by Mark G. Mathis, Michael Jenson and Jason Berman, executive produced by Sergio Aguero, written and to be directed by Ryan O’Nan with Ryan O’Nan, Michael Weston, Arielle Kebbel, Sebastian Stan, Wilmer Valderrama attached. Two struggling musicians, with only a guitar and a box of children’s instruments, face their fears of love, friendship, and responsibility. (Musical/Comedy)

Produced by Craig Zobel and Sophia Lin, written and to be directed by Craig Zobel. The residents of a small West Virginia coal mining town struggle with the fact that they can’t survive without taking from somebody in a town small enough where you know everybody. (Drama)

Cargo Moon
Produced by David Rapsey, written and to be directed by Glenda Hambly. Long ago, in one of the most remote places on earth, a man fords the river that separates us from our deepest need for need for communion and connection. (Drama)

The Deaths of Ray
Produced by Sunil Doshi, written and to be directed by Pratim Gupta. A serial killer in Calcutta uses the films of master filmmaker Satyajit Ray as his modus operandi, as a detective duo try and catch him ‘in the act.’ (Mystery/Crime Thriller)

The Discoverers
Produced by Laura Kleger and Justin Schwarz, executive produced by Bob Gosse, written and to be directed by Justin Schwarz. A character-driven comedy about a dysfunctional family that embarks on a Lewis and Clark re-enactment trek, discovering themselves along the way. (Comedy)

The End of Something
Produced by Julien Favre and Mynette Louie, written by Rory Kelly and Tim McCarthy, and to be directed by Rory Kelly. A suicidal woman follows a drifter into the wilderness to find a waterfall he claims has spiritual powers. His grip on reality begins to slip. (Drama)

Produced by Antonio Lombardo, written by Patrice Toye and Ina Vandewjer, to be directed by Patrice Toye, with Monic Hendrickx attached. A tale based on a true story: from May 1970 to 1982, young girls who fell pregnant were kept hidden in the attic of a hospital. Shortly after the birth, the child was taken away from its mother and “sold” to a childless couple. (Drama)

Produced by Fred Berger, Michael Roiff, executive produced by Ross Katz, written and to be directed by Marshall Lewy. A couple and their best friend abandon life in Boston, setting off for Jamaica in search of paradise. But the good life proves short-lived when their mysterious past catches up with them. (Thriller)

Fill the Void
Produced by Assaf Amir, written and to be directed by Rama Burshtein. A love story that occurs in the Hassidic world; in this world, Shira must decide between her will and her duty. (Drama)

Four Corners
Produced by Sarah Radclyffe, Genevieve Hofmeyr, and Cindy Gabriel, written by Hofmeyr Scholz, and to be directed by Ian Gabriel. Four lives are changed forever as a general in a prison gang, a young chess prodigy, a cop, and a surgeon crosses paths with fatal consequences. (Mysery/Crime Thriller)

Gun Hill Road
Produced by Michelle-Anne Small, executive produced by Ron Simons, written and to be directed by Rashaad Ernesto Green, with Esai Morales, Judy Reyes, Vincent Laresca, Franky G attached. After serving three years in prison, a Puerto Rican father returns home to his family in the Bronx to discover his son is transgender. (Drama)

Heart of the City
Produced by Michael Hastings-Black, written and to be directed by Raafi Rivero. When two Brooklyn teens find a talisman that turns daydreams into flashes of reality, the city morphs into a vast and dangerous playground. Will they discover its secrets? (Coming of Age/Transmedia)

The Hum
Produced by David Pearson, Pierre Even, Marie-Claude Poulin and Elisabeth Morgan-Hemlock, written by Isabelle Raynauld and David Pearson, to be directed by Isabelle Raynauld. Death has its own sound. You never know when it’s going to start. Some hear it, some don’t. The Hum has become an obsession. It must be stopped. (Supernatural Thriller)

In Close Up
Produced by Andy Stebbing and Sophie Balhetchet, written by Lindy Heymann and Ben Bond, and to be directed by Lindy Heymann. Ambitious pap Connor Roche has the Midas touch until he falls obsessively in love with unknown actress Eva Prince, betraying her trust with tragic consequences. (Drama)


Produced by Luc Dery and Kim McCraw, written and to be directed by Anais Barbeau-Lavalette.Chloe, a young Canadian doctor, divides her time between Ramallah, Palestine, and Jerusalem. Between checkpoints, Chloe learns about war and those who bear its burden. (Drama)

Produced by Arik Bernstein, Nicolas Blank, Yariv Mozer, and Ina Fichman, written by Hiam Abbass and Ala Hlehel, and to be directed by Hiam Abbass, with Hefsia Herzy, Makram Khoury, Clara Khoury, and Hiam Abbass attached. A Palestinian family living on the Israeli side of the Lebanese border goes on through their daily lives while the war between Israel and Lebanon is going on. (Drama)

Layla Fourie
Produced by Claudia Steffen and Christoph Friedel, written by Pia Marais and Horst Markgraf, to be directed by Pia Marais. In the constant present atmosphere of mistrust, lies, and fear, Layla Fourie becomes a suspect of a murder that happened on her first working day in a casino complex in South Africa. (Dramatic Thriller)

Love and Monster Trucks
Produced by Erin Ploss-Campoamor, written by Cristina Ibarra and Erin Ploss-Campoamor, and to be directed by Cristina Ibarra. Impala wants to escape her Mexican-American monster truck-obsessed family. But before she leaves for college, she falls in love with a girl – who races trucks. (Coming of Age)

Mama Africa
Produced by Mandy Jacobson and Genevieve Hofmeyr, executive produced by Marvin Saven, written by Carey McKenzie. Ambitious diva Miriam Makeba leaves apartheid South Africa in search of freedom. When fame fails, she finds personal liberation in being the voice of Africa. (Based on a True Story)

The Man Who Didn’t Get Shot
Produced by Ferenc Pusztai, written and to be directed by Attila Gigor. The sole survivor of a shooting, who wants to prove being worthy of his luck, for his disabled brother and himself. (Drama)

The Man Who Knew Infinity
Produced by Sofia Sondervan and Jim Young, executive produced by Mira Nair and Ed Pressman, written and to be directed by Matt Brown. The remarkable life of a self-taught mathematical prodigy, who left the teeming slums of Madras for the courts of Cambridge, during the years of WWI. (Based on a True Story)

Produced by Doug Claybourne, executive produced by Steve Shapiro, written and to be directed by L.D. Napier, with Seymour Cassel and Cloris Leachman attached. A wacky comedy about Sam, a necro detective, who looks for peoples lost dead relatives and finds maybe love, definitely death, and a little resurrection. (Dark Comedy)

Mr. Crumpacker And The Man From The Letter
Produced by Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Emily Ziff and executive produced by Sara Murphy, written and to be directed by Kazuo Ohno, with Phillip Seymour Hoffman attached. The comedic tale of an overbearing boss who goes in search of themeaning of life at his workplace. (Drama)

Nobody Walks
Produced by Alicia Van Couvering and Warren Fischer, written by Ry Russo-Young and Lena Dunham, and to be directed by Ry Russo-Young. The presence of a charismatic house guest ignites the individual longings of an LA family, threatening to dismantle their lives – which may be just what they need. (Drama)

Not Another Happy Ending

Produced by Claire Mundell, written by David Solomons, to be directed by John McKay. A hit novelist can only write when she’s miserable, so when she becomes too damn happy, her desperate publisher decides to unblock her by making her life a misery. (Romantic Comedy)

Over the Wall
Produced by Steven C. Young, Larry Meistrich, and Ken H. Keller, executive produced by Freddy Rodriguez and Steven C. Beer, written and to be directed by Steven C. Young, with Freddy Rodriguez attached. A gripping story that tests the boundaries of true love after one tragic event rips apart the lives and relationships of four closely intertwined people. (Drama)

Produced by Jay Van Hoy and Lars Knudsen, executive produced by Elizabeth Eves and Joe Riley, written and to be directed by Dan Kern. A dark, futuristic thriller about an amnesiac chemist who tries to save his sister from Oblivion – a drug that erases memories. (Sci-Fi/ Thriller)

The Restoration
Produced by Peter Sterling, written by Nancy Froeschle, and to be directed by Tony Kaye. While restoring a vandalized fresco in a remote cathedral in Hungary, art expert Rachel Simone uncovers a hideous ancient secret and must prevent its completion. (Mystery)

Rocking Horse Road

Produced by Angela Littlejohn, written and to be directed by Brian Challis. The body of beautiful Lucy is discovered on a beach at Christmas, throwing Pete and his friends into a murder investigation; changing their lives forever. (Mystery)

The Ruined Cast
Produced by John Cameron Mitchell and Howard Gertler, written and to be directed by Dash Shaw. In this animated sci-fi tale, a scientist experimenting with appearance-altering technology pursues his tests’ runaway subject, who’s unwittingly hiding out with his teenaged kids. (Animated)

Produced by Mark Heyman and Krista Parris, executive produced by Ron Stein, written and to be directed by Sasie Sealy. Obsessed with finding her lover’s murderer, Sarah takes her investigation into the virtual world where she discovers his “Second Life.” (Mystery)

Produced by David Smith, written and to be directed by Scott Graham. A teenage girl scrapes a living together with her father in their remote Highland petrol station; just the two of them fighting the elements, the entranced passers-by, and their need to be loved. (Drama)

Single Plus
Produced by Marek Rozenbaum, written and to be directed by Dover Kosashvili. Zehava needs to get pregnant urgently – her mother has a critical health condition, and her greatest wish is to have a grandchild. However, Zehava would like to get pregnant only out of true love. Zehava will have to find a solution. (Drama)

Stay Then Go
Produced by Christine K. Walker and Geoffrey Sass, executive produced by Stephanie Dillon, written and to be directed by Shelli Ainsworth. Marion Baird, event planner extraordinaire. She celebrates Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, ice sculptures, brides, unrefrigerated truffles and her family: husband Dick and their baby Eddie. When they discover that Eddie has autism, Marion’s life is changed inexorably. As Eddie gets older and they envision a positive life, an unlikely event occurs, altering their course forever. (Drama)

Swollen Head
Produced by Jeremy Kipp Walker, Paul Mezey and Lynette Howell, written by J. Anderson Mitchell, to be directed by Jeremy Kipp Walker and J. Anderson Mitchell. A family comedy that tells the true story of a 6th grader who faked sick for an entire school year in the late 1980s. (Coming of Age)

Take the Blame
Produced by Steve Hudson and Sonja Ewers, and written by Steve Hudson and Steve Blame. The rise and fall of the 80s club scene in London, complete with all accompanying excesses of sex, drugs and self-obsession. The story of Steve Blame, MTV presenter at the hour of the birth of cable TV in Europe, and Leigh Bowery: Style Icon, Nightclub Legend, and the wildest One-Man-Artwork that the world had ever seen. (Drama)

The Tear Collector

Produced by Glenis Giles, executive produced by Robin Laing and Andrew Niccol, written and to be directed by Linda Niccol. The man who collects a myriad of tears needs to finally learn to cry. It takes a very special woman to teach him how. (Drama)

Vehicle 19
Produced by Ryan Haidarian, written and to be directed by Michael Dewil. A recently paroled man is framed and must circumvent an entire police force in a city he doesn’t know if he is to clear his name. (Action)

The West Memphis Three
Produced by Jennifer Cochis, written and to be directed by Lee Toland Krieger. In 1993, the tragic murders of three 8-year old boys in West Memphis, Arkansas launched a modern day witch hunt that led to the arrests and convictions of three local teenagers. (Based on a True Story)

Spotlight on Documentary

Documentary features at an early financing stage (i.e. early development/production) to those nearing completion (i.e. in postproduction or at the rough cut stage).

Ain’t I A Woman
Written, directed, and produced by Robin Honan.1 in 2,000 babies are born with a Disorder of Sex Development. Should infants with ambiguous genitalia undergo cosmetic surgeries to normalize their genital appearance?

Anything But Dick
Directed by Eric Drath, and executive produced by Barry Murphy, with Mary Carillo, Martina Navritilova, John McEnroe, Billie Jean King attached. Transsexual Renee Richards, the most extraordinary figure in the history of professional tennis, reflects on her controversial life while facing the repercussions of her decisions.

Arming Laramie
Directed and produced by Margaret Lewis & Tovah Leibowitz, and executive produced by Marco Williams. Armed gays don’t get bashed. Pick on someone your own caliber.

The Believers
Written and directed by Monica Ross & Clayton Brown, and produced by Monica Ross, Clayton Brown, & Carole Snow. Two chemists announce to the world they’ve discovered cold fusion, and their journey from heroes to outcasts begins.

Betting The Farm
Directed and produced by Cindy Pingree & Jason Mann.Strong-willed dairy farmers from Maine, drowning in debt, band together to launch a milk company in a last-ditch attempt to save their farms.

Bordering on Treason
Directed and produced by Trish Dalton.Lorna Tychostup, a single mother and small-town photojournalist risks her life, imprisonment, and a big fine to cover the war in Iraq – eight years and counting.

Written, directed, and produced by Meerkat Media Collective and executive produced by Bryan Chang & Adam Pogoff.An eccentric New York band, a tiny Balkan village, and half a million fans transcend borders at the world’s largest trumpet festival.

Broken Doors/Concrete Floors
Directed by Goro Toshima. A young, homeless couple in their first year on the streets of Hollywood and their struggles and attempts to find a better life.

Carol Channing – Larger Than Life
Directed and produced by Dori Berinstein. If Carol Channing didn’t exist, no one could have made her up. Larger than life, Carol , at 89, remains an unstoppable, megawatt dynamo.

Directed by Michael Plunkett, produced by Sam Black & Drew Schofer, and executive produced by Alex Gibney. One man’s fate hangs in the balance as the conflict over a crucial green energy resource escalates.

Chess Movie (Working Title)
Directed by Katie Dellamaggiore, and produced by Katie Dellamaggiore, Nelson Dellamaggiore, & Brian Schulz. Chess team members at Intermediate School 318 in Brooklyn, NY learn that growing up isn’t easy, especially when budget cuts threaten their beloved program.

A Childish Place

Directed by Tom Slater and produced by Aisling Ahmed, Nicky Gogan, & Paul Rowley.Varanasi, India. Elections for the children’s parliament are underway. 10-year-old Tazim fights to hold on to power against his rival 9-year-old newspaper editor Sameer.

Directed by Judith Helfand and produced by Gordon Quinn, Fenell Doremus, Faye Lederman & Yance Ford. In 1995 a deadly heat wave hit Chicago. Zip code largely determined survival. A story about heat, poverty, and the politics of disaster.

Diamond in the Dunes
Directed by Christopher Rufo and produced by Keith Ochwat & Colin Legerton.The true story of hope and baseball in China’s Muslim West.

The Eye Has to Travel – A Visual Journey with Diana Vreeland
Directed and produced by Lisa Immordino Vreeland. Fashion visionary and cult figure Diana Vreeland – her transformation of life into an adventure and her revolutionary impact on fashion.

First Position
Directed and produced by Bess Kargman. A rare, inside look at the ballet world’s best young dancers and the worldwide competition that could transform their lives overnight.

The Fire This Time
Written and directed by Blair Doroshwalther, and produced by Blair Doroshwalther, Yoruba Richen & Scott Gracheff. Four teenage women are sentenced to prison for defending themselves. For the first time ever, these women speak out.

Free-form or Death
Directed by Tim Smith and produced by Matthew Galkin. In the age of Big Media, America’s longest-running, free-form radio station fights for survival at the height of the 2009 economic collapse.

Girl Model

Directed and produced by David Redmon & Ashley Sabin.”Girl Model” follows a complex supply chain between Siberia, Japan, and the U.S. within the modeling industry. The story is told through the eyes of the scouts, agencies, and a 13-year-old model.

Global Dirt
Directed by Lior Etziony & Michael Hanuka, produced by Lior Etziony & Tony Felzen, and executive produced by Jane Oster. While most people escape one of the deadliest disasters in modern history, volunteers rush in for the rescue. What are they running away from?

The Grove
Directed by Andy Abrahams Wilson, and produced by Andy Abrahams Wilson & Tom Shepard. “The Grove” examines the little-known National AIDS Memorial in San Francisco and asks the questions: How does a community in crisis heal, and who owns grief in the public sphere?

The History of the Universe as Told by Wonder Woman
Directed by Kristy Guevara-Flanagan and produced by Kelcey Edwards. This documentary feature explores the distinctly American origins of superheroes and ponders the action genre’s possibilities and shortcomings for women, as exemplified by Wonder Woman.

The Imagination of Jeremy Blake
Directed and produced by Dan Krauss, and executive produced by Deborah Hoffman.The story of a celebrated young artist who ended his life at age 35 believing he was the target of a conspiracy to destroy him.

Directed by Jamie Meltzer and produced by George Rush.


Directed by Andrea Nix Fine & Sean Fine, produced by Yael Melamede & Michael Emanuel and executive produced by Albie Hecht & Susan MacLaury.An intensely personal, vibrant coming of age documentary about a young artist’s fierce determination to overcome the bleakness of her surroundings.

Ivan and Ivana: Variations on Amerika
Written, directed, and produced by Jeff Silva.After surviving the bombings and attacks of ethnic backlash after the Kosovo War, Ivan and Ivana made it safely to America, but they never imagined that their fight for freedom and prosperity would be so perilous.

The Kivalina Project: The Story of America’s Climate Change Refugees
Directed by Gina Abatemarco, and produced by Gina Abatemarco & Anne Takahashi.The story of life lived on the edge of a climate change catastrophe, with only a rock wall between your life and the sea.

Directed by Fellipe Gamarano Barbosa and produced by Fernanda De Capua.The story of a Brazilian immigrant in NY who lives a glamorous life while cheating total poverty on an everyday basis.

Let the Fire Burn
Directed by Jason Osder, and produced by Jason Osder & Nina Seavey. Philadelphia police drop a bomb onto a city row house occupied by the group MOVE. The ensuing fire kills 11 people and destroys 61 homes.

The Letter Carrier
Written, directed, and produced by Murray Nossel. Bullied as gay, a Jewish adolescent is consumed with Nazi fantasies. 30 years later, following a Holocaust survivor to Jerusalem, he has an unexpected epiphany.

A Life’s Work
Directed by David Licata.A documentary about five people engaged with projects they may not complete in their lifetimes.

Live Free or Die (working title)
Directed by Jeremiah Zagar and produced by Lori Cheatle.

Long Way Home: The Loving Story
Directed by Nancy Buirski, written by Nancy Buirski & Susie Ruth Powell, produced by Nancy Buirski & Elisabeth James and executive produced by Steven Silver. A racially-charged criminal trial and a heart-rending love story converge in this documentary about Richard and Mildred Loving, set during the turbulent Civil Rights era.

Lost Rockers
Directed by Paul Rachman, written by Steven Blush, and produced by Paul Rachman and Steven Blush. Fame, money, and talent don’t always go hand in hand. The story of great musical artists overlooked by pop culture.

Manhattan Lullaby
Directed by Sara Cross and produced by Sara Cross & Jennifer Filippazzo.A feature documentary that celebrates both the rich tradition and present-day story of Colony Records, family-owned in Times Square since 1948.

Missed Conceptions
Directed by Faye Lederman & Jeremy Nacht and produced by Faye Lederman, Jeremy Nacht & Laurel Chiten. The story of a pregnant detective trying to uncover, document, and “expose” her own chemical exposure during nine intense months – and beyond.

More Than a Month
Written and directed by Shukree Tilghman, produced by Shukree Tilghman & Owen Cooper and executive produced by Marco Williams. African-American filmmaker Shukree Hassan Tilghman embarks on a cross-country campaign to end Black History Month.

Mr. SOUL! Ellis Haizlip and the Birth of Black Power TV
Directed, and produced by Melissa Haizlip, written by Melissa Haizlip & Ilunga Adell, and executive produced by Peter Anthony Andrews. Before Oprah, before Arsenio, there was Mr. SOUL! Ellis Haizlip makes television broadcast history with “Soul!,” America’s first black “Tonight Show.”

Murder in the Village
Directed by Mary Posatko & Emily Topper, produced by Mary Posatko and executive produced by Ron Yerxa & Albert Berger. Searching for three black men who murdered her white grandfather in 1972 Baltimore, a filmmaker confronts and challenges America’s deep and pervasive issues with race.

My Own Man
Written and directed by David Sampliner. Facing marriage and fatherhood and yet feeling insufficiently manly, the filmmaker explores a diverse world of American men struggling with their manhood.

Northern Light
Directed by Nick Bentgen & Lisa Kjerulff, written by Nick Bentgen, and produced by Lisa Kjerulff. A panoramic portrait of life in an industrial, snowbound town in Michigan, “Northern Light” follows three families as they work, compete, and survive throughout a year.

Off Duty
Directed by Joshua Z. Weinstein and produced by Jean Tsien. Immersed in an impossibly eclectic taxi garage in Queens, NY, “Off Duty” explores how the American dream manifests itself amidst economic recession.

Oil & Water

Directed and produced by Laurel Spellman Smith & Francine Strickwerda. The coming of age story of two teenage boys as they each look for solutions in the aftermath of one of the worst toxic disasters in history.

Once Upon a Time in Harlem
Directed by William Greaves, produced by Louise Archambault Greaves, and executive produced by Sam Pollard. Whatever happened to the Harlem Renaissance? Where is its legacy? In search of Black culture in “post-Black” America.

Open Secret
Directed by Steve Lickteig, written by Steve Lickteig, Bret Sigler & Charlotte Stoudt, and produced by Charlotte Stoudt. What if everything you thought you knew about yourself was a lie? And everybody knew the truth except you?

Oscar’s Comeback
Directed and produced by Lisa Collins & Mark Schwartzburt. An unlikely town. Its unlikely native son. Two worlds collide. Witness all the melodrama fueling the annual Oscar Micheaux Film Festival in Gregory, South Dakota.

Our Mockingbird
Written, directed, and produced by Sandra Jaffe, and executive produced by Sam Pollard. An examination of how “To Kill A Mockingbird,” a story about a small town in Alabama, is the single most unifying story in American culture.

Starring George Plimpton as Himself written and directed by Tom Bean & Luke Poling, and produced by Tom Bean, Luke Poling, & Terry McDonell. A film about literature, football, presidents, magazines, and George Plimpton, the honest-to-goodness tall tale that brought them all together.

Prisoners of Whittier
Directed by Joseph Pierson and produced by Joseph Pierson & Lisa Russell. 200 people live crammed together in an apartment building in the punishing Alaska wilderness. They endure months of subzero temperatures, near-total darkness. And each other.

Sayonara, Daddy-san
Written and directed by Leslie Asako Gladsjo, and produced by Leslie Asako Gladsjo & Peter Friedman. As she searches for her white father’s other half-Asian children, the filmmaker uncovers a tangled web of relationships complicated by racism and military colonialism.

Son of Terror
Directed and produced by Sarah & Emily Kunstler. The son of a convicted terrorist, raised in hiding in the U.S., risks everything and reveals his identity to embark on a mission for peace and acceptance.

Under Water’s Mercy
Written and directed by Sharon Linezo Hong and produced by Sharon Linezo Hong & Monique Verdin. Rising water and leaking oil destroy Louisiana’s wetlands, and a young Native American woman emerges as a powerful environmental storyteller.

Untitled Documentary by Lauren Greenfield
Directed by Lauren Greenfield, produced by Lauren Greenfield & Danielle Renfrew Behrens, and executive produced by Frank Evers. A cinema verite portrait of a former beauty queen and her wealthy family against the backdrop of the financial crisis.

Untitled Sara Jane Moore Project
Directed by Robinson Devor, written by Charles Mudede, produced by Zachariah Sebastian, and executive produced by Joshua Zeman. Sara Jane Moore, a 45-year-old Beverly Hills socialite, was a double agent for the FBI and a radical leftist who tried to assassinate Gerald Ford.

Untitled: 1971
Directed by Johanna Hamilton, produced by Katy Chevigny, and executive produced by Julie Goldman.

Very Semi-Serious
directed by Leah Wolchok, produced by Davina Pardo and executive produced by Bruce Sinofsky. Step inside the iconic cartoons of The New Yorker, where highbrow meets hilarious and the art of parody becomes profound.

Voices of Vets
Directed by Kim Shelton, produced by Kim Shelton and Bill McMillan.”Voices of Vets” documents an intimate and radical retreat for veterans, bringing them, their families, and the community together in an inspiring and poetic reconciliation.

A Way Home (working title)
Directed by Mira Bank & Dave Thoudam, and produced by Laine Valentino & Muriel Peters. In strife-torn northeast India – defying civil war, drugs, gun traffic, and HIV/AIDS – Manipuris invent a grassroots “Field of Dreams” and play ball.

Directed by Michael Kleiman, produced by Michael Kleiman, Michael Pertnoy, Mitch Teplitsky, Thomas Sweeney, & Samuel Goldberg. Set in the Amazon jungle and the Andes mountains, “Web” views the internet through the eyes of children experiencing it for the very first time.

The Woman Who Wasn’t There
Directed by Angelo Guglielmo, and produced by Ross Kauffman & Heidi Reinberg. History’s most influential 9/11 survivor commissions a documentary based upon her life and reveals a secret no one could have ever imagined. And then she disappears.

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