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Trailer Watch: Vladan Nikolic’s Everything That Will Happen Has Already Happened

Director Vladan Nikolic is currently in post-production on his latest film, Everything That Will Happen Has Already Happened, and preparing for a crowdfunding campaign to raise final costs. The filmmakers have shared with Filmmaker a teaser trailer, above, as well as the following statement about the film, which plans to premiere in festivals in 2024

Everything That Will Happen Has Already Happened, a very ambitious no budget narrative feature film is in the works. Billed as a “collaborative film,” led by filmmaker and professor Vladan Nikolic, it was made with the help of filmmakers and actors from around the world. Through a kaleidoscopic collage of stories, the film explores the “here and now” – the current moment we are living in, and how the Covid pandemic, economic inequality, climate change, wars, migration and societal divisions shape our lives globally. These international stories coalesce in a film-within-a-film, set in New York City, about two disaffected millennials, creating this project, trying to make sense of the world and their place in it, while dealing with their own issues and contradictions. They are currently in post production and getting ready to crowdfund for the finishing costs.

For more information about the project follow them on Instagram: @everythingthefilm.

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