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“You Can’t Get to the Transcendent Stuff Without Risking That It All Might Go Off the Rails”: Olli Haaskivi, Back To One, Episode 270

You know Olli Haaskivi from his work in series such as Winning Time, Manifest, and The Sinner, and films like Motherless Brooklyn, Nancy and of course, this Summer’s blockbuster Oppenheimer, where he played scientist Edward Condon. On this episode he shares his experience of working with Christopher Nolan on that film (which he says seemed less sprawling than some student films he’s worked on!), why he felt the freedom to bring his ideas and “all of himself” (spoiler: Nolan is not afraid of actors!), and how all this affected the work in the moment. Plus he talks about his “this IS the job” approach to auditioning, something post-strike that he’d like to see implemented about the work, why you can’t get to the great stuff “without risking that it might all go off the rails,” and much more.

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